The importance and use of general parts of the body.

Class: K-G2

Subject: Science

Topic: The Importance of General Body

In our bodies, each part has a special job! Let’s learn about them:

  • Eyes: They are used for seeing. 👀
  • Hand: It is used for writing and eating. 🖐️🍴
  • Nose: It is used for smelling. 👃
  • Teeth: They are used for cutting and chewing food. 🦷
  • Ear: It is used for hearing. 👂


  1. Nose is used for _______. (a) smelling. (b) writing.
  2. Eyes is used for _______. (a) eating. (b) seeing.
  3. The nose is used for _______. a) Smelling b) Writing c) Eating d) Hearing
  4. The eyes are used for _______. a) Eating b) Seeing c) Smelling d) Touching
  5. The hand is used for _______. a) Seeing b) Smelling c) Writing d) Hearing
  6. The teeth are used for _______. a) Smelling b) Writing c) Cutting d) Hearing
  7. The ear is used for _______. a) Smelling b) Hearing c) Seeing d) Tasting
  8. The nose helps us with _______. a) Seeing b) Tasting c) Smelling d) Hearing
  9. The eyes enable us to _______. a) Smell b) Taste c) See d) Hear
  10. We use our hands for _______. a) Hearing b) Writing c) Smelling d) Tasting

Understanding Different Body Parts – Legs Health Habits Nursery 2 First Term Lesson Notes Week 5

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