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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


  1. _________ is the act of expressing an idea in lines on a paper, canvas or walls (a)polishing (b)drawings (d)shading
  2. The drawing of man-made objects is called ________ drawing (a)nature (b)still-life (c)mermaid
  3. The drawing of these objects is an example of still-life? (a)sheep (b)goad (c)chair
  4. Imaginative composition is a __________ (a)pictorial painting done with the drawing and studies of events (b)drawing of the brain (c)drawing of the cloud
  5. Imaginative sketches can include all these except _________ moving figures (b)sitting and working figures (c)a chair in a room
  6. Life drawing is known as drawing of _________ (a)non living things (b)man- made objects (c)living things
  7. To study life drawing, we need a human being which in art term is call the _________ (a)model (b)living things (c)portrait
  8. Tie and dye involves making patterns on cloth by tying knots in it or tying string around it before you put it in dye so that some parts receive more colour than others TRUE/FALSE
  9. Tie and dye was first practiced in _________ (a)London (b)Nigeria (c)China
  10. Which of these is not a method of tie and dye? (a)knotting (b)stitching (c)brushing
  11. __________ method of tie and dye involves using raffia threads only (a)knotting (b)twisting and coiling (c)pleating
  12. ________ method has to do with using seeds or stone and raffia to tie (a)knotting (b)stitching (c)folding
  13. Beads are used as _________ (a)adornments (b)disfigurements (c)discolourations
  14. ________ are important cultural and traditional materials worn mostly by women and royal fathers (a)beads (b)suit (c)hand
  15. Beads can be used to make all these except _______ (a)necklace (b)bracelets (c)wrist watch
  16. Bead making is a vocational source of living for some people TRUE/FALSE
  17. The arrangement of musical notes according to duration and stress is called _______ (a)pattern (b)plainary (c)defendant
  18. How many types of rhythms do we have? (a)2 (b)3 (c)4
  19. The movement f any piece of music also means rhythm TRUE/FALSE
  20. Rhythm are regular and repeated TRUE/FALSE


Answer any two questions of your choice

  1. (a)What is life drawing?

(b)Mention six (6) parts of the human boy

  1. State five procedures in making tie and dye
  2. State five procedures in bead making


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