Basic Science Jss 1 First Term Examinations

1st Term Examination

Basic Science

Jss 1

First Term Examinations



Instructions : Answer all questions in this section


1. All are living things except…….

A) dog 🐶

B) stone 🎂

C) palm tree 🎄

D) snake 🐍


2)Which of the following best describe


A) Knowledge about natural world based on facts learned through experiments

B) Basic knowledge about human being

C) Knowledge about how to make experiments which we learned at school

D) None of the above


3)Basic science covers the following

subjects except……

A) Chemistry

B) Yoruba

C) Physics

D) Biology

4)Science can be divided into … and


)  Physical and Health

B) Biological and Agro

C) Physical and Biological

D) Chemical and Petroleum

5. Living things……

A) Move

B) Reproduce

C) Excrete

D) all of the above

6. Aluminium is used for making cooking

pots because it is a good conductor of

A)  electricity

B) heat

C) fire

D) water


7. All are metals except……

A) copper

B) rubber

C) silver

D) Gold

8. The following are animals except?

À) Goat

B) Chicken

C) Donkey

D) Wool


9. Which of the following is a science

oriented occupation?

A) Artist

B) Lawyer

C) Pharmacist

D) Poet


10. The following are importance of science


A) Science helps in solving everyday


B) It helps in discovery natural resources like oil.

C) It helps in converting raw materials into finishing products

D) It leads to increase in bullying in schools


11. Which of these cannot be eaten raw?

A) pawpaw

B) carrot

C) Parrot

D) mango


12. Which of the following animals fly?

A) dog

B) Crocodile 🐊

C) Hawk

D) Rat


13. Which of the following is a flowering


A) Spirogyra

B) Amoeba

C) Mango plant

D) Fern


14. Green plants differ from animal because they can……

À) run

B) make their own food

C) dance

D) move away from the presence of sunlight


15.       is the process where by green plants make their food in the presence of sunlight A) Transpiration

B) Transportation

C) Photosynthesis

D) Evaporation

16. Which one of the following is a non- flowering plant?


A) Guava plant

B) Mushroom

C) Mango plant

D) Hibiscus plant



17. Animal can be used for the following

purposes except?

A) for transportation

B) They are used as pet They can be sold to make money

C) They can be sold to make money

D) None of the above


18. Fish uses…… for movement

A) fins and tail

B) hand

C) feather

D) legs


19 Which of the following is a non- living


A) Ruler

B) Camel

C) Cow

D) Donkey

20…….help to keep us free from regular

attack of infectious diseases

A) regular sleep

B) education

C) personal hygiene

D) happiness

21. Which of the following is a metal?

A) Wood

B) Alloy

C) Cotton

D) None of the following


22. Which of the following is not a characteristic of living thing?

A) Sleeping

B) Growth

C) Excretion

D) Reproduction


23. All help in the maintenance of good health except……

A) avoid drinking alcohol

B) eating balanced diet

C) doing exercises

D) Smoking cigarettes

24. Soil and land pollutants include the following except…….

À) Broken bottles

B) Smoke from vehicle

C) cans or tins

D) used plastics


25. Food substances that help to repair worn out tissues are called……

A) Mineral salts

B) vitamins

C) proteins

D) carbohydrates.


26. Liquid waste from our homes or offices is called

A) Dirty

B) Refuse

C) Sewage

D) None of the above


27. One of the following is a method of

sewage disposal

A) Burning

B) incineration

C) water system above

D) None of the

28. Solid waste is known as ………

A) Refuse

B) glass

C) papers

D) irons

29. The period when a person changes from a child to adult is called………..


À) Puberty

B) Evolution

C) Déjàvu

D Menstruation


30. Ability of living things to respond to external stimuli is called……

À) irritability

B) adaptation

C) respiration

D) reproduction

31)It is also a good practice to wash the mouth after each

A) meal

B) week

C) Day

D) month

32) Menstruation occurs in female ___

A) Human

B) goat

C) ram

D) lion


33) Shoes should be cleaned with ___ to remove dust or dirt

A) Cloth

B) Petrol

C) Sand

D) Gas


34) Sweep the floor……….

À) Every day

B) once in a month

C) With kerosene

D) None of the above


35) All are disadvantages of poor personal

hygiene except

A) Poor health

B) Spread of diseases and ailment

C) Body and mouth odour

D) It will reduce body smell or odour


36. Which of the following is not a living

A) Shark

B) soldier ant

C) mango tree

D) Drawing board


37. The process by which matter changes from one state to another is known as

A) Change of state in matter

B) Change of shape in matter

C) Matter changing position

D) Change of colour in matter


38) Wool from sheep and ivory from…… are

of economic value

À) ram

B) lion

C) elephant

D) cow


39)……from plants can be used as raw materials in the textile industry

A) leaves

B) flowers

C) cotton

D) roots


40. Matter can exist in ……….. States

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4


41. Which of the following is a laboratory



A) Cutlass

B) Shovel

C) Test tube

D) Gun

42. The temperature at which a liquid changes into solid is known as

A) Iced point

B) Cooling point

C) Freezing point

D) Water cycle


43. Which of the following animal lays egg

À) Rabbit

B) Cat

C) Giraffe

D) Tilapia fish


44. What is melting point?

A) The temperature at which a liquid changes into sand

B) The temperature at which a liquid changes into solid

C) The temperature at which a solid changes into liquid

D) The temperature at which a liquid changes into gas


45) The following are types of food except

A) Raw food

B) Solid food

C) Hard food

D) Cereals


46…… is a substance that can affect

the structure or functions of a living


A) Drug

B) Food

C) Water

D) Vitamin

47. The following are examples of hard drugs except


A) Cocaine

B) Morphine

C) Tobacco

D) Water


48)The reasons why youth abuse drugs are the following except


A) Curiosity

B) Lack of confidence

C) Peer group pressure

D) None of the above

49. These food substances contain mineral


salts except……

A) beans

B) table salt

C) iron

D) magnesium


50) A diet that contains all the six classes of

food in the right proportion is called a…… diet

A) balanced

B) delicious

C) complete

D) comprehensive





Answer any three questions only from this section


Question 1: Answer the following questions 

  1. What is science?
  2.  Mention four (4) science related
  3. Mention four (4) characteristics of a living things?
  4. Mention 3 flowering plants?
  5. Mention 2 non-flowering plant?


Question 2a:

  • Drug abuse Drug mis-use
  • Hard drugs
  • Common Drugs

Question 2b:

Classify the following into common drugs and hard drugs in a tabula.

  • Panadol,
  • Heroine,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Marijuana,
  • Paracetamol,
  • cannabis


Question 3 

  1. Define matter
  2. Mention the three states of matter
  3. State three differences between plants and animals in a tabular form.
  4. Mention three uses of animals


Question 4

  1. What is pollution?
  2. Name and explain 3 types of pollution.
  3. Mention 3 water pollutants.
  4. Mention 3 methods of disposing sewage.




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