3rd Term Pry 2 Exams Cultural and Creative Art

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CLASS: Basic Two


SUBJECT: Cultural and Creative Art

INSTRUCTION: Underline the correct answer

1. Craft can be used to make __________ a. water b. Pottery c. Food

2. Local craft generates income (True / False

3. The person who makes craft work is called _________

Business man b. craftsman c. teacher

4. Any craft work can be decorated with paint (True or False)

5. Which of these is used for cloth production? A. cotton b. wood c.clay

6. Raffia is used in weaving __________a. mat b. Cloth c. hat

7. The following are produced form wood except __________

  1. Door b. Walking stick c. Jewelry

8. Which of these is a local apparel a. Suit b. Gown c. Agbada

9. The following are man-made tools except __________

Cutlass b. Hammer c. Stone

10. Objects made by human including tools, weapon, clothing and containers

are known as artifacts (true or false)

(11) Modelling means forming objects from

(a) Clay and plastercine (b) petrol and fuel

(12) Clay is a type of ________________

(a) Chemical (b) gas (c) soil

(13) Which of these things cannot be modelled?

(a) Air (b) Pots (c) Cups

(14) ____________ is not is a method of modelling ?

(a) Coiling method (b) Raid method (c) pinching method

(15) Fabrics are used in garment making

True / False

(16) Which of these is not a method of modelling

(a) scratching method (b) slab method (c) pinching method

(17) ____________ is not an example of traditional dresses

(a) Wedding gown (b) Buba and Iro (c) Babariga

(18) Fashion accessories are things used for _______________ of the body.

(a) Infection (b) Beautification (c) Injury

(19) An example of Traditional fashion accessories is _____________

(a) Crown (b) Walking stick (c) A and B

(20) An example of modern fashion accessories is ____________

(a) Lipstick (b) Tiro



  1. Draw a fish