3rd Term Pry 2 Exams Verbal

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Basic 2


Write letter A – Z and answer the following questions.

1. The first letter is _____________

2. The last letter is ________________

3. The number of vowels are _____________

4. The tenth letter is ________________

5. The twelveth letter is ____________

6. The second to the last letter is _____________

7. The last vowel is _____________

8. The third letter is _______________

9. The letter before H is ________________

10. The letter after Q is _______________


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.Part B

  1. Eye as to see as nose is to ___(a) eat (b) taste (c) smell
  2. Mouth is to eat as tongue is to ______(a) tast (b) wear (c) hang
  3. Socks is to _____as gloves is to hand (a) leg (b) head (c) nose
  4. Pi__ture (a) f (b) I (c) c
  5. Dra___ (a) w (b) q (c) b
  6. Und___r (a) r (b) e (c) d
  7. Ho___se (a) o (b) u (c) a
  8. Teac___er (a) b (b) z (c) h
  9. Cl___ss (a) t (b) a (c) u
  10. For___ (a) k (b) t (c) v