1st Term Examination CIVIC EDUCATION JSS 2


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1st Term Examination



Section A

Attempt all questions

  1. Discipline is (a) attitude of doing the right thing at the right time (b) ability to pursue a goal (c) the way of life (d) none of the above
  2. Type of courage is (a) stubbornness spirit (b) moral courage (c) dancing courage (d) fighting courage
  3. A courageous person must possess all the qualities except (a) commitment (b) endurance (c) determination (d) indiscipline
  4. Courage is the ability to (a) defend one integrity (b) exercise boldness in carrying out a patience (d) boldness of wrongful fight
  5. The three arms of government include (a) the advocacy, tyranny and judiciary (b) the legislature, judiciary and executive (c) democracy, executive and the rule of law (d) the legislature, communism and advocacy
  6. The agency that is responsible for the enforcement of abuses of drug is (a) EFCC (b) N.TCC (c) ICPC (d) NDLEA
  7. Which of the organ is responsible for the conduct of election (a)teachers (b)NUT (c)local Government (d) ONEC
  8. Which of these is the symbol of authority of the legislature (a)National flag (b)the macc (c)wig (d)Oath taking
  9. The three arms of government are _______________
  10. The duties of government are divided into three namely (a) federal, state and local (b) exclusive, concurrent and residual (c) Judiciary, executive and legislative (d) police, soldier and Navy
  11. There are __ local government area in Nigeria (a) 360 (b) 474 (c) 774 (d) 674
  12. Attribute of integrity include the following (a) probity (b) contentment (c) cooperation (d) honesty
  13. One of these is the effect of lack of contentment on society (a) cheating (b) envy (c) fair play (d) theft
  14. Which of these is an attributes of contentment (a) rudeness (b) Lack of envy (c) satisfaction (d) Humility
  15. Respect for rule and regulation is an attribute of discipline true/false
  16. Moderation is an attribute of a courageous person true/false
  17. The federal duties that are to be performed by the federal government include the following except (a) currency (b) Armed forces (c0 chieftaincy (d) prisons
  18. Arts and recreational centres is an exclusive duty of the state true/false
  19. The federal government control the armed forces true/false
  20. The primary function of the executive is to (a) interpret laws (b) make laws (c) punish lawbreaker (d) implement government polices ]



  1. (a) Mention five importance of integrity (b) List three attribute of integrity and explain two
  2. (a) What is contentment (b) List and explain four attributes of contentment
  3. Explain five differences among federal, state and local government
  4. (a) What is federation? (b) Outline four characteristics of a federation
  5. (a) Define courage (b) List four types of courage (c) Mention three attribute of a courageous persons


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