Primary 3 Examinations Third Term Creative Art


SUBJECT: Cultural and creative arts


  1. We dance when we are _________ (a) sick (b) happy (c) punished
  2. Value means ……………(a) quantity (b) quality (c) politics(d) chapter

3. A person who takes part in play acting is known as ________ (a) actor (b) artiste (c) sculptor (d) artist

4. _____ is a building where plays and similar types of entertainments are performed (a) classroom (b) barrack (c) theatre (d) clinic

5 Clothes worn by actors/actresses to make them look like someone else is called ______ (a) stage (b) costume (c) apron (d) character

6 A method by which materials that have already been used to produce new things again is _________ (a) recycling (b) improvisation (c) precision (d) make-up

7. One of these is not used for taking care of the environment (a) shovel (b) bin (c) pencil (d) broom

8. _________ is the appearance of an object in the presence of light. (a) Color (b) shade (c) intensity (d) entertainment

9. ……….. is a method of inculcating value [a] dishonesty [b] recycling [c] improvisation

10. Bata dance is a/an _____ dance (a) Yoruba (b) Igbo (c) Hausa (d) Ijaw



1. What is dance?

b. Give reasons for dancing

2. Who is a character?

b. Mention the classes of character

c. What is the difference between an actor and an actress?

3. What is the meaning of “values?”



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