Primary 3 Examinations Third Term Computer / ICT



Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. The ___________ key is the longest key on the keyboard

[a] spare bar [b] function [c] delete

2. Stored information can be used in the future

[a] True [b] False

3. ALU means ________________

[a] Addition Also Union [b] Along logic up [c] Arithmetic logic unit

4. Storage devices are use to _________________

[a] process data [b] save information [c] destroy data

5. The _____________ contains the main memory of the computer

[a] father board [b] monitor [c] motherboard

6. The ______________ is an example of output device

[a] mouse [b] keyboard [c] printer

7. Which of these is the main component of the computer

[a] BVN [b] KAI [c] CPU

8. The system unit is that part of the computer that looks like a ___________

[a] ball [b] box [c] tree

9. To start up a computer one needs to unplug the cables

[a] True [b] False [c] Yes or No

10. _____________ is used to power the computer

[a] charcoal [b] sun [c] electricity

11. There are ……………….. major types of disk

[a] 3 [b] 2 [c] 4

12. ………………….. is an example of disk drive

[a] floppy disk [b] car disk [c] computer disk

13. The father of modern computer is …………………….

[a] Charles Babbage [b] Michael hades [c] John clay

14. The monitor is like a ………………………….

[a] television [b] radio [c] nylon

15. The part of the computer we can see or touch is called ……………..

[a] software [b] hardware [c] people ware

16) Booting is a method of ………… a computer [a] starting [b] shutting [c] damaging

17) There are ______ methods of booting (a) two (b) three (c) five (d) ten

18) _______ is a printing device which shows users their point of action (a) keyboard (b) mouse (c) printer (d) cable

19) U.P.S means Uninterrupted _____ supply (a)port (b)power (d)proper

20 ………. Is items of knowledge; news [a] data [b] information [c] tally

21.____ is dangerous to the computer (a) utility (b)end-user (c)data (d)virus

22. The following device involves u.s.b device except____(a)Mouse (b)monitor (c)keyboard

23.___ is used to print and display information (a)c.p.u (b)scanner (c)printer (d)diskette

24. A ____ cable is that which connect the computer to the network (a) network (b) printer (c) u.s.b (d) power

25. The processor is the ___ of the computer (a)neck (b)Brain (c)Bone (d)waist


Attempt all questions in this section

1. What is storage device ?

b. Mention the two types of storage devices

2. List 3 uses of CDs and DVDs

3. What is Digital literacy ?

b. Mention 3 characteristics of digital literacy

4. Define shut down

b. List 2 steps involved in system shut down

5. What do we mean by shutting down.