The head of a local government is called a









CLASS: PRIMARY 4         







1.)  The head of a local government is called a _______________.                   (a) President (b) Chairman (c) Government (d) Justice


2.)   Members of a nuclear family are father, mother and ____________ (a) teacher (b) maid (c) children (d) neighbour


3.)   An uncle is your father’s or mother’s ____________. (a) sister                 (b) cousin (c) niece (d) brother


4.)   The ceremony where people get married is called __________                  (a) playing (b) fighting (c) sleeping (d) wedding


5.)  The two types of marriage are _________ and ___________                          (a) mummy and daddy (b) Divorce and marriage (c) wedding and marriage (d) monogamy and polygamy



6.)   Parents teach their children to be polite and to _________ other people (a) disrespect (b) fight (c) abuse (d) respect


7.)   Citizens who break the law can be sent to ___________. (a) room             (b) mosque (c) church (d) prison


8.)   One of the important responsibilities that citizens have is to pay their _________ (a) loan (b) laws (c) taxes (d) duties


9.)   A _________ is someone who directs or guides others. (a) friend             (b) teacher (c) leader (d) doctor


10.)                     Nelson Mandela was a former president of  ___________            (a) Nigeria (b) Ghana (c) South Africa (d) Togo


11.)                     Chinua Acheba was a great Nigerian _________ (a) fighter               (b) writer (c) boxer (d) speaker


12.)                     __________ is the way of life people. (a) party (b) teaching              (c) culture (d) fighting


13.)                     _________ and __________ are aspects of culture. (a) book and pen (b) socks and shoe (c) language and food (d) table and chair


14.)                     Festivals help us preserve our culture.(a) Yes (b) No (c) May be


15.)                     A constitution is said to be ___________ if all the rules and laws which governs the country are written in one document.                   (a) flexible constitution (b) written constitution (c) unwritten constitution (d) speaking constitution


16.)                     _____________ and _____________ are types of constitution. (a) sleeping and eating constitution (b) rigid and flexible constitution (c) playing and dancing constitution (d) money and change constitution


17.)                     Democracy is a form of government in which the people have the power to elect their leaders. (a) Yes  (b) No (c) May be


18.)                     The Executive head of a State is called ___________________. (a) Government (b) Family (c) Chairman (d) President


19.)                     __________ is the  capital of Cross River State. (a) Enugu                (b) Calabar (c) Oyo (d) Kano


20.)                     There are ________ main religions in Nigeria. (a) three                   (b) eight (c) twenty (d) one



  Section B: Theory



1a.) State the two types of family. i.___________________________    ii  _____________________________


1b.) Mention two types of marriage that you know.


2a.) What is Culture? 



2b.) State four aspects of culture i.____________________________   ii. _____________________________ iii. ___________________________  iv. ____________________________


3.) What is a Constitution? _______________________________________


4.) State four types of Constitution.


_______________________________   _____________________________ _______________________________   _____________________________


5.) Identify the four forms of government

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