Explain what you understand by a research question?

Understanding the Significance of Research Questions: Unveiling the Core of Inquiry?

Explain what you understand by a research question.

A research question is a well-defined and concise inquiry that forms the foundation of a research project. It serves as the central query that a researcher aims to answer through systematic investigation, analysis, and data collection. Developing a research question is a crucial initial step in the research process as it shapes the entire study and provides a clear sense of direction.

When crafting a research question, several key elements need to be considered:

  1. Clarity and Focus: A research question should be precisely formulated to address a specific aspect of the research topic. It should be clear and focused, avoiding ambiguity or broad generalizations.
  2. Relevance: The question should pertain directly to the research topic and contribute to the existing body of knowledge. It should address a gap in understanding, raise an issue, or explore an aspect that merits investigation.
  3. Feasibility: The research question should be realistic and attainable within the scope of the study. It should consider available resources, time constraints, and ethical considerations.
  4. Ezoic
  5. Scope: The question should be of an appropriate scope that can be adequately addressed within the confines of the research project. It shouldn’t be too narrow or overly broad.
  6. Researchable: The question should be answerable through research methods and data collection. It should not be too abstract or philosophical to be explored through empirical investigation.








List and discuss three (3) criteria for justifying the usefulness of an educational research.





Defination of Theoretical Framework, Statement of the problem, purpose of the study and significance of the study in Research Methods in Education



A well-developed research question provides a roadmap for the research process:

  • It guides the formulation of research hypotheses or objectives.
  • Ezoic
  • It shapes the selection of research methods and data collection techniques.
  • It directs the analysis and interpretation of research findings.
  • It ensures the coherence and logical flow of the research study.
  • Ezoic

In essence, a strong research question serves as the nucleus of the entire research endeavor, grounding the study in a clear purpose and helping to create a well-structured and meaningful research project.





1. A research question forms the foundation of a research project and serves as a central __________ to investigate.
a) Hypothesis
b) Inquiry
c) Assumption


2. Developing a __________ research question is a critical early step in the research process.
a) Complex
b) Poorly formulated
c) Good

3. The research question guides the research project by providing a sense of __________ and purpose.
a) Ambiguity
b) Direction
c) Confusion

4. A well-written research question assists in constructing a __________ logical argument.
a) Flawed
b) Convincing
c) Unrelated


5. The research question should be clear, focused, and __________.
a) Disorganized
b) Generalized
c) Summarizing

6. The research question summarizes the __________ that the researcher aims to investigate.
a) Hypotheses
b) Techniques
c) Issues

7. An appropriate research question avoids __________ and ensures precision.
a) Relevance
b) Ambiguity
c) Exploration


8. Developing a research question involves considering its __________ within the research process.
a) Inconsequence
b) Impossibility
c) Criticality

9. The research question contributes to shaping research __________ and objectives.
a) Confusion
b) Hypotheses
c) Direction

10. A well-constructed research question assists in selecting suitable research methods and __________ techniques.
a) Data collection
b) Survey
c) Observation


11. The research question provides a logical __________ for analyzing research findings.
a) Barrier
b) Framework
c) Constraint

12. A strong research question ensures the __________ and coherence of the research study.
a) Disorganization
b) Ambiguity
c) Consistency

13. A research question should be relevant, feasible, and __________.
a) Unrealistic
b) Unanswerable
c) Researchable


14. The research question guides the construction of a __________ and well-structured research project.
a) Flawed
b) Logical
c) Convoluted

15. In essence, a research question serves as the nucleus of the research endeavor, __________ the entire study.
a) Weakening
b) Grounding
c) Ignoring


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