CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                              


SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE   NAME:………………………………………………………………………


Instruction: Answer all questions.


1.)   __________ describes how long an object is (a) Weight (b) Length (c) Time (d) None of the above


2.)   We have _________ and __________ methods of measuring length (a) olden and modern method (b) Bad and new method (c) Long and short method (d) All of the above


3.)   _________ is the force of gravity on an object (a) Weight (b) Stone (c) Temperature (d) Thermometer


4.)   All are instrument use in weighing an object except ______________ (a) spring balance (b) bathroom scale (c) kitchen scale (d) matches


5.)   __________ is the passing of days, months and years taken as a whole (a) Time (b) Temperature (c) Speedometer (d) All of the above


6.)   All are examples of modern instrument used for measuring time except (a) simple pendulum (b) wall clock (c) stop watch (d) stone


7.)   The degree of hotness or coldness of an object is ________________ (a) Temperature (b) Atmosphere (c) Star (d) All of the above


8.)   We have _______ types of thermometer (a) 1 (b) 6 (c) 2 (d) 4


9.)   Living things are divided into __________ and ___________                   (a) plate and spoon (b) plants and animals (c) table and chair (d) none of the above


10.)                     All are characteristics of living things except ___________              (a) Growth (b) Movement (c) Feed (d) Spoon


11.)                     A young hen is called __________ (a) cat 9b) chicks                      (c) maggot (d) caterpillar


12.)                     The best soil for planting is __________ (a) sandy (b) loamy            (c) clay (d) All of the above


13.)                     Soil helps plant to grow well (a) True (b) false (c) none of the above (d) All of the above


14.)                     All are importance of soil except ___________ (a) man feed on plants that grow on soil (b) it is used in building houses (c) we make pots and decorations from soil (d) we eat soil


15.)                     ___________ is a moving air (a) wind (b) river (c) space                 (d) stone 16.)                     Wind can damage our properties and buildings when it is heavy (a) True (b) False (c) None of the above (d) All of the above


17.)                     Air occupies space (a) True (b) False (c) None of the above               (d) All of the above


18.)                     Sunlight helps plant to grow well (a) True (b) False (c) None of the above (d) All of the above


19.)                     All living things can produce young ones (a) True (b) False               (c) None of the above (d) All of the above


20.)                     All are examples of living things except __________ (a) birds (b) goat (c) dog (d) cars  



Section B: Theory


1.)  List five characteristics of living things


ii.  ___________________________

iii. _________________________ 

iv. ___________________________

v. __________________________


2a.) What is temperature?


2b.) What is the instrument use for measuring temperature?


3a.) List one importance of soil to plant


3b.) List the three types of soil you know.


4a.) What is length?


4b.) List the modern instruments used for measuring

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