Creativity term three



Week 1& 2

Topic: Make paper into snowflakes

Lesson: 2 Lessons

Week 3 & 4

Topic: Cut paper into puppets

Lesson: 2 Lessons

Week 5 & 6

Topic:Mould with plasticine

Lesson : 2 Lessons

Week 7 & 8

Topic: Cut patterns with template of animals from a dough or plasticine

Lesson: 2 Lessons

Week 9 & 10

Topic: Drawing an object of interest

Lesson: 2 Lessons

Week 11 Revision, examination and closing


  1. Finger soft dough of different colours

2 . One corrugated and assorted paper shapes

  1. Air dying clay
  2. bubber NB : all of these are in different colours.





  1. The teachers must write legibly by using the simplest form/style of writing i. the best way to write letter a, b, c, d ….
  2. Encourage pupils to reproduce their thoughts on paper from the onset.
  3. The teach explain forms/styles of writing letters on lower and upper case  e.g lower case letters are g, j, p, q and y. The upper case letters are d, f, h, l, k and t. Others are middle case letters such as a, c, e, I, m, n, o, r, s, u, v ,w, x, and z. Explain how to write these letters properly on the notebook lines.







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