Forms of Force

Forms of Force


SUBJECT: Basic science and Technology Third Term Primary 3


CLASS: Primary 3


Term : Third Term


Week 9


Topic  : Forms of Force


Behavioural objectives :

By the end of the lesson, the learners will be able to

  • Explain the meaning of Forms of Force
  • List examples of Forms of Force
  • explain the source of force.
  • explains the effects of forces.
  • explains the usefulness of force.

Previous lesson : 

The pupils have previous knowledge of

Light and Sound Energy 

that was taught in the previous topic


Methods of Teaching :

  • Class Discussion
  • Group Discussion
  • Asking Questions
  • Explanation
  • Role Modelling
  • Role Delegation


Reference Materials :

  • Scheme of Work
  • Online Information
  • Textbooks
  • Workbooks
  • 9 Year Basic Education Curriculum
  • Workbooks





Force can either be a pull or a push . Force is a push or pull acting upon an object as a result of its interaction with another object. There are a variety of types of forces. Previously in this lesson, a variety of force types were placed into two broad category headings on the basis of whether the force resulted from the contact or non-contact of the two interacting objects.


Contact Forces

Action-at-a-Distance Forces

Frictional Force

Gravitational Force

Tension Force

Electrical Force

Normal Force

Magnetic Force

Air Resistance Force

Applied Force

Spring Force


Force has the following effects on objects

Force can make a stationary object move or make a moving object move faster. …

Force can change the direction of a moving object. …

Force can change the shape or size of an object. …




Presentation :

The topic is presented step by step


Step 1:

The class teacher revises the previous topics


Step 2.

He introduces the new topic


Step 3:

The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own examples and he corrects them when the needs arise




The class teacher wraps up or conclude the lesson by giving out short note to summarize the topic that he or she has just taught.

The class teacher also goes round to make sure that the notes are well copied or well written by the pupils.

He or she does the necessary corrections when and where  the needs arise.





  1. What is force
  2. List four sources of force
  3. Write out three effects of force
  4. Mention three usefulness of force






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