1st Term Examination VOCATIONAL STUDIES 16 Basic 5

1st Term Examination


Basic 5


  1. ________ is the job that someone does to earn an income (a)occupation (b)terrorism (c)campaign (d)lobbying
  2. The occupation which involves the designing, building or repairing of roads, bridges, building or machines may be referred to as ________ (a)furnishing (b)carving (c)engineering (d)drilling
  3. The field of engineering which deal with the designing and construction of vehicles is known as __________ engineering (a)automobile (b)mechanical (c)chemical (d)electrical
  4. Someone who engages in the designing and construction of roads, buildings and bridges is called a ________ (a)agricultural engineer (b)chemist (c)civil engineer (d)electrical engineer
  5. Medicine is the study of various _________ and the production of chemical substance that will treat and cure such ___________ (a)vehicles (b)diseases (c)houses (d)equipments
  6. __________ is a person who specializes in the treatment of infants and children (a)gynaecologist (b)dentist (c)pediatrician (d)pharmacist
  7. Which of these cannot be saved in the bank for future use? (a)house (b)money (c)document (d)gold
  8. ________ banks are used y private companies and individuals to keep money and other valuables (a)central (b)commercial (c)merchant (d)development
  9. All these are services provided by banks except (a)opening of account (b)saving of money (c)arresting of customers (d)withdrawal of money
  10. When opening an account the following needs to be properly followed except (a)filling of forms (b)writing an exam (c)presentation of three passport photographs (d)provision of PHCN bill
  11. The vocation which involves the use of wood for making wooden objects, sculpture, carving and construction is _________ (a)wood work (b)wood mill (c)wood pulp (d)wood seasoning
  12. There are __________ types of wood (a)5 (b)4 (c)3 (d)2
  13. Underline the odd one (a)plumbing (b)wood carving (c)carpentry (d)sculptor
  14. ________ is used for the washing of clothes and removal of dirt’s from clothes (a)generator (b)amplifier (c)washing machine
  15. _________ refers to the science that deals with the process of growing and taking care of different types of plants, vegetables and flowers (a)snailry (b)orchard (c)horticulture (d)helliculture
  16. Flowers beautify our homes and keep our environment warm TRUE/FALSE
  17. All these are farm implements except (a)tractor (b)hoe (c)cutlass (d)hand trowel
  18. The modern tools used in agricultural technology are referred to as _________ (a)implements (b)machineries (c)means (d)methods
  19. _________ materials are natural resources which are deposited in the land by God to produce finished goods (a)soiled (b)furnished (c)processed (d)raw
  20. Crude oil is taken from the ground through a method known as __________ (a)broadcasting (b)mining (c)drilling (d)extracting


Instruction: Answer any four questions

  1. Mention five fields of engineering
  2. (a). What is a bank?

(b). Explain the process involved in opening an account

  1. (a). What is laundry?

(b). A person whose vocation is laundry is called ________

(c). List three (3) items used in laundry

  1. (a)What is agricultural technology?

(b)Explain three modern ways of farming

  1. List the uses of the following raw materials:
  2. Iron ore:-
  3. Crude oil:-
  4. Cocoa:-
  5. Gold:-
  6. Leather:-