1st Term Examination SOCIAL STUDIES JSS 1

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1st Term Examination



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Section A

Attempt all questions

  1. A group in which the relationship between the members are close or intimate is called __________ group (a)voluntary (b)secondary (c)primary (d)community
  2. A family is a group of people who are related by the following except (a)blood (b)marriage (c)adoption (d)community
  3. The role of children in the home is to _________ (a)abuse older people (b)obey parents (c)fight one another (d)plan for the future
  4. Man’s total way of life is called __________ (a)education (b)heritage (c)religion (d)culture
  5. All are characteristics of culture except __________ (a)culture is shared (b)culture is learnt (c)culture is planted (d)culture brings people together
  6. One agent of socialization does not include _____________ (a)mass media (b)religious organization (c)home (d)knowledge
  7. All are importance of socialization except _________ (a)it shows we are human (b)encourages self esteem (c)helps in human development (d)it encourages crime in the society
  8. All are part of man’s physical environment except (a)house (b)cars (c)mountain (d)dances
  9. Rights of citizens include the following except (a)right to life (b)right to freedom of speech (c)right to marry (d)right to education
  10. Social Studies is now a component of ________ subject (a)National Values Education (b)Religious and National values (c)Civic Education (d)Basic Science and Technology
  11. _____________ forms an important aspect of culture (a)robbery (b)language (c)war (d)crisis
  12. Every tribe or community has its own district _________ (a)rules (b)culture (c)farming (d)war
  13. Friendship is a __________ between two people (a)relationship (b)war (c)crime (d)all of the above
  14. By being loyal, a friend shows _________ for another (a)courage (b)support (c)jealousy (d)impatience
  15. Falsehood means a statement that is _________ (a)true (b)almost true (c)not true (d)correct
  16. One of these is a common crime (a)fraud (b)falsehood (c)rape (d)all of the above
  17. Murder is the unlawful killing of a person without __________ (a)weapon (b)anger (c)love (d)justification
  18. When two people are really close than brothers or sisters, they are called __________ (a)close friends (b)best friends (c)acquaintance (d)common friends
  19. Factors that determine choice of friends include the following except _________ (a)age (b)likes and dislikes (c)skills (d)class
  20. The unlawful taking or carrying away of a person’s property without consent is called __________(a)embezzlement (b)fraud (c)falsehood (d)theft


Answer any four questions

  1. (a). Define Social Studies

(b). List all related Social Studies subjects

  1. Write short note on the history of social Studies in Nigerian schools stating the year and the school it started
  2. (a). Define family

(b). List three responsibilities each of father, mother and children

  1. (a). Define socialization

(b). List four agents of socialization

  1. (a). List six common crimes

(b). Explain any three common crimes and their consequences