1st Term Examination BASIC SCIENCE Primary 3




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1st Term Examination


Primary 3


  1. An increase or decrease in size or shape of an object r living thing is called ________ (a)change (b)charge (c)nothing
  2. Which is an example of temporary change? (a)burning of wood (b)rusting of nail (c)melting of ice
  3. Which is not an example of permanent change? (a)a grown child (b)melting butter (c)burning candle
  4. The atmospheric condition of a place at a particular time is (a)weather (b)temperature (c)barometer
  5. Which element is used to measure the speed of the wind? (a)thermometer (b)anemometer (c) rainguage
  6. The standard unit for measuring length is (a)kilometer (b)centimeter (c)decameter
  7. Which of these was used to measure time in the olden days? (a)digital watch (b)analog clock (c)sand glass
  8. Which can be used to construct shapes? (a)oil (b)sand (c)wood
  9. Plants that grow where they are not planted or needed are called _________ (a)weeds (b)feeds (c)stubborn
  10. Which is a method used to control weeds? (a)chemical method (b)physical method (c)spiritual method
  11. A meal that contains the classes of food in the right amount is ________ (a)food class (b)balanced diet (c)good food
  12. The food classes according to function are _________ in number (a)2 (b)3 (c)4
  13. Which of these is a component of a balanced diet? (a)body protection food (b)vitamins (c)bread
  14. Foods that cause damage or make one unhealthy are called ________ (a)harmful (b)good (c)nothing
  15. Which is an example of harmful foods? (a)covered food (b)rotten fruit (c) juice


  1. List two weather instruments and their uses
  2. List two safety rules at home
  3. Give one example each for:
  4. Energy-giving food
  5. Body protection food
  6. Body repairing food




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