SS 1 French Exams 1st Term

SS 1

Choose the correct answers

1. Nigeria is an ________country .(all Anglophone (b)luxophone (c)francophone

2. Nigeria is located at ________africa (a) east (b)west (c)north

3. La langue officielle de Nigeria est ______ (a) english (b)igbo (c)youruba

4. _____ est le capital du Nigeria (a) lagos (b) abuja (c) kano

5.learning french affords one the opportunity of knowing the history and culture of french people. (a) yes (b) no (c) all of the above

6.All except one is the important of french language in nigeria?

(a) the knowledge of french can help one to get a job in French countries

(b) with the knowledge of French one can be an interpret or translator.

(c)with the knowledge of French one can does not need visa to travel abroad.

7. Le president Eu Nigeria habites au ______ (a) aso rock (b) white house ( c) palace

8. Bonjour monsieur means ______( all good morning sir (b)good morning ma (c)good morning everyone

9. Au revoir means________( a) welcome (b)good bye (c) thanks

10. Bonsoir Madame means ______ (a) good night (b) good morning (c) good evening ma

11.Merci Madame means _________ (a)thanks ma (b)thanks (cl thanks brother

12. Et boys c’est _______{ a)and you (b) me? (c)with him

13. Ça va bien merçi c’est _______ (a)c’est bien (b)how far (c) fine,thank you

14.le frére de mon pére ou de ma mére est mon ________ (a) grand frére (b) oncle (c)beau frére

15. Je vois avec les _______( a) nez ( b)yeux (c)bouche


Traduisez en anglais

1. Je m’applle mademoiselle.

2. Je suis une femme

3. Je vien de lagos

4. J’habite à kano

5. Je parle haoussa