Exam Questions Second Term SS 1 Government




[1] Criteria for citizenship includes these except [a] good character [b] statutory age [c] residence [d] waking up early to work

[2] Ombudsman means [a] Public Complaint Commission [b] Public corruption Commission [c] Police Complaints Commission [d] Public Civic Commission

[3] Citizenship rights can be safeguarded through [a] democracy [b] legislature [c] government [d] National service

[4] Which of the following is not a limitation to citizen’s rights [a] conviction [b]emergency period [c] types of government [d]rule of law

[5] What is the right age for voting for non citizen [a] 18 [b] 20 [c] 15 [d] none of the above

[6] …………. Is a human right group in Nigeria [a]CLO [b] OPC [c] APGA [d] ANN

[7] …………….. was not a dominant party in the first republic [a] NPC [b] NCNC [c]AG [d] PDP

[8]…………….is not a characteristics of political parties [a] manifestoes [b]campaign [c] ideology [d] constitutional conference

[9] …………….. country makes use of religious party [a] USA [b] Iran [c] Togo [d] Nigeria

[10] The ruling party in Nigeria is……………. [a] APC [b] PDP [c] Accord [d] ANN

[11] …………….. is not a types of political parties. [a] Branch/mass party [b]caucus/ elites party [c] religious party [d] national party

[12]…………. Is a new party in Nigeria [a] PDP [b] APC [c] ANN [d] APGA

[13] Which of the following countries does not practice one party system [a] North Korea [b] Cuba [c] China [d] Nigeria

[14] Which party system prevent economic waste [a] two party system [b] one party system [c] multiple party system [d] zero party

[15] …………. Is not a pressure group [a] NLC [b] NUT [c] NBA [d] ANN

[16] Which of the following is not a techniques employed by pressure groups [a] lobbying [b] the mass media [c]primary election [d] strike/ boyscout

[17] ………………….. is a factor that can caused disfranchised in Nigeria [a] colour of skin [b] sex [c] age [d] height

[18] ………….. is a function of election [a] change of government [b] to increase the population [c] to make the President comfortable [d] change of constitution

[19] ………….. is a demerit of a direct election [a]illiteracy [b] corrupt electoral officers [c] thuggery and intimidation [d] free and fair election

[20] …………. Is a body incharge of election in Nigeria [a] INEC [b] EFCC [C] SIEC [d] CPCP

[21]the practice of two or more sovereign states writing for security and external affairs is called [a] totalitarianism [b] confederalism [c] republicanism [d] sectionalism

[22] All the following are essential function of political parties except to [a] aggregate interest of members of the public [b] serve as a link between the government and the people [c] seek political power lawfully [d] seek political power for the military

[23] A multi party system often leads to…………. [a]unitary government [b] dictatorial government [c]coalition government [d] parliamentarian government

[24] The right of the citizen to vote and be voted for in an election [a] indirect election [b] nomination [c] general election [d] franchise

[25] One major advantage of secret ballot system of election is that………………

[a] help to elect the best candidate [b] remove the fair of threat and victimization [c] enable the best party to win [d] ensure the efficiency of electoral commission

[26] An election held to determine an important constitutional issues is called [a] direct election [b] counter-election [c] general election [d] referendum

[27] A free and fair election requires all the following except…………… [a] political parties [b] a long campaign period [c]registration of all the qualified voters [d] good behavior of voters

[28] An electoral college is a [a] form of indirect election [b] school for electoral officers [c] college which train party leaders [d] policy to dissolve constituencies

[29]. A person representing his country in fellow commonwealth country is called [a] knight [b] a representative [c] a high commissioner [d] an attaché

[30] The number of chambers in a bicameral legislature is [a] 4 [b] 5 [c] 2 [d] 1

31. .All types of government perform all the following functions except a. provide welfare and development b. maintaining law and orders c. encourage the struggle d. encourage trade with other states

32. An agreed set of rules prescribing the governance of a country can be called one of the following a. chapter b. manifestos c.hansard c.constitution

33.A unitary system of government can be described as …a. highly religious b. small homogeness country c.country with a lot of minerals resources d.highly populated country

34.A judiciary is an organ of government which …a.makes law for the country b. settles disputes in accordance with the law of the country c.gives legal backing to the government d. none of the above

35.People may tax in order to a.obtain a tax certificate b.generate revenue c.avoid been prosecuted d.save towards the future

36.The organ of government that is concern with policy formulation and implementation is .a. executive b. judiciary c. legislative d. police

37.One of these is the reason for creating a local government a.even development b.for envy c. elevating fraud d. people choice

38.The government of the grassroot can also be called a. Local government b. State government c. Federal government d. U.K government

39.One of these is not a source of political power a.preamble b.constitution c.through force d.position and authority

40.Th power to give order and enforce obedience is .a. sovereignty b. legitimacy c. authority d. power


[1]a List four differences between citizen and non-citizen

b]. List 6 duties and obligation of a citizen in a state.

[2a]. List and explain three types of party system you know

b]. Differentiate between zero party system and one party system

[3a]. Give 5 differences between political party and pressure group

[b] List 5 political parties and pressure group

[4a] Explain the meaning of franchise

[b] List and explain two types o franchise

[5a] List and explain 5 ways of depriving or loosing citizenship

[6a] List and explain 4 functions of election

[b] List and explain four types of election

[7]a. Differentiate between bye-election and run –odd election

[b] Explain the meaning of electoral college

[c] Write a long story on free and fair election










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