Primary 1 French

French Language


1st term exams


Basic 1


Faites toutes les questions


1. Bonjour is called _______ a) Good day. b) good morning


2. Je m’ appelle is _______a) my name is b) your name is


3. Lettre R stands for _____ in french. a) Radio b)sac


4. Lettre V stands for ____ in french. a) voiture b)volks


5. Lettre M stands for _____in french. a) Maison b)man


6. Lettre P stands for _____ in french. a) parlour b)papillon


7. Lettre F stands for______ in French. a) flower b) fille


8. Tu peux épèler ton nom? Is ___ a)can you dance b) can you spell your name.


Choose the correct answers.


9. B pour ___ a) bateau b) cahiers


10. Lion is ______a) zebra b) lion


11. Igname is ______a) yam b)Garri


12. Ananas is _______a) beans b)pineapples


13. Good morning Dada______a) bonsoir Dada b) bonjour Dada


Put in the UN or UNE


14. ______crayon ( a pencil)


15. ________gomme ( an eraser)




Write the alphabet in English.




2. SAY


3. AH


4. BAY



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