• BASIC 2


Underline the correct answer

(1) ___________ is the outermost layer of the earth in which plant grow

(a) Rock (b) Soil (c)Snow

(2) Living things are grouped into ________________

(a)plants only (b)animals only (c)plant and animal

(3 ) Moving air is called ____________________

(a) Gas (b) wind (c) erosion

(4) Air is everywhere

(a) True (b) False

(5)Air borne diseases travel from place/ person to another by ____________

(a)Fire (b)air (c) sand

(6) An example of air born diseases is _______________

(a) measles (b)Good health (c)Cough

(7) Water is a ___________ that falls as rain.

(a)Liquid (b) Gas (c) Rain

(8) Human being s can survive without water

True/ false

(9) Water can be contaminated by

(a) Dirts (b) chemicals (c) A and B

(10) Clean water has no taste and ________________

(a) odour or smell (b) Colour (c) A and B

(11) Purification of water means making water ______________

(12) Boiling water helps to ______________ the germs in it.

(a) Increase (b)Kill (c) grow

(13) Water boils when it is __________________

(a) poured away (b) exposed to the moon (c) heated

14. Is white one of the colors of the rainbow? Yes b. No c. May be


15. What is the color of pure water?A. white B. brown C. colourless


16 The following are instruments for cleaning except ————

Hammer b. Pencil c. Crayon


17 Freehand drawing is done without drawing aids (True / False)


18 The following are the sources of light except __________

Electricity b. butter fly c. Star


19 Light energy allows us to see through the darkness (True / False)


20 Can light energy generate heat? (Yes / No)


21 Can a slap produce a sound? (Yes / No)


22 Which of these is not a musical instrument? a. Drum b. pot c. flute


23. One of the causes of road accidents is ________

a. Smooth roads b. bad roads

24.How many colours are in the rainbow?

(a) 8 (b) 6 (c)7


25. What is the main colour of plants?

(a) Green (b) Brown (c) Blue


26. Do all human have the same skin colour?

(a) Yes (b)No


27. The colour of ripe orange is?

(a)Orange (b) Red (c)Blue


28. One of these is not used for drawing.

(a)Pencil (b) crayon (c)hammer


29. Mirror can reflect light

(a)true (b)false.


30. _____is not a musical instrument.

(a)Flute (b)drum (c)Plate




1. Mention three (3) objects that can float on water

2. Mention three (3) instruments used for drawing

1(a) List three natural sources of water

(b) List two man – made sources of water

2(a) List two example of air borne diseases

(b) Mention three objects that can float in air

3(a) List three substances that contaminates water

(b) Mention two ways we can make our water clean




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