Verbal Reasoning Primary 6 Third Term Week 2

Part C: The words below are written in codes. Study each word and its code word carefully and work out how the code is written. Examples are given below SUCCESS is written as SSUSCEC
ABILITY is written as AYBTIL
ANXIOUS is written as ASNUXOI
Now use the code pattern to answer the question 11 to 20
11.) The word COMFORT would be written as _____ (a) CFMOROT (b) COTMRFO (c) CMOFRTD (d) CTORMOF (e) CROTMOFE
12.) The word FASHION would be written as ______ (a) FANCHIS (b) FHNAOSI (c) FNAOSIH (d) FONASIH (e) FSIHNAO
13.) The word APPLAUD would be written as _____ (a)  ADPUPAL (b) APALPUD (c) APUDPAL (d) APDUAPL (e) AUDPLAP
  14.) The word EXPLAIN would be written as _____ (a) EXINPALE (b) ENXIPAL (c) EPALXIN (d) EXINLAP (e) EXINPALE
15.) The word PROVIDE would be written as ______ (a) PERDOIV (b) PEVRODI (c) POREDIV (d) PREDIVD (e) PRODIVE
Part D: Pick out the one that does not belong to the group
Sample: (a) clinic     (b) dispensary           (c) hospital        (d) maternity         (e) supermarket  Ans = supermarket (e)
16.)          (a) Africa                   (b) America               (c) Asia                      (d) Europe     (e) Nigeria
17.)          (a) Deacon                (b) Goalkeeper         (c) Player                   (d) Referee    (e) Captain
18.)          (a) Mud                      (b) Ocean                   (c) River                    (d) Sea            (e) Stream
19.)          (a) Beef                      (b) Mutton                 (c) Pork                      (d) Veal          (e) Violin
20.)          (a) Chef                      (b) Fork                      (c) Plate                     (d) Pot                        (e) Spoon


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