Answer all the questions
Part A: Write out the correct order of the following sentence
i.) A paper fell into it
ii.) The paper got wet
iii.) There was some water in the bucket (a) 123 (b) 312 (c) 213 Ans = B = 312

Now answer questions 1 – 5
1.) i.) The child copied the correction
ii.) The teacher did the correction
iii.) The child failed the maths (a) 3,2,1 (b) 1,2,3 (c) 3,1,2

2.) i.) The boy ran down the hill
ii.) He broke his right foot
iii.) He fell down (a) 1,2,3 (b) 1,3,2 (c) 3,2,1

3.) i.) The dog ran away with the bone
ii.) The dog saw a bone
iii.) The dog took the bone (a) 1,2,3 (b) 3,2,1 (c) 2,3,1

4.) i.) Adamu sat for an examination
ii.) Adamu passed the examination
iii.) Adamu read his book overnight (a) 3,1,2 (b) 3,2,1 (c) 1,2,3

5.) i.) The dresses were dirty
ii.) The dresses were ironed
iii.) The dresses were washed (a) 1,3,2 (b) 1,2,3 (c) 3,2,1

Part B: Choose the word that best completes the statement

Sample: The football match was played at the ______ (a) courtroom (b) games hall (c) stadium

6.) Patient in a hospital are kept in the ____ (a) labour room (b) theatre (c) ward
7.) Aeroplane for repairs are kept in the _____ (a) airport (b) hanger (c) warehouse
8.) I went to the ______ to watch a play (a) auditorium (b) boutique (c) theatre
9.) Wild animals are kept in the _______ (a) field (b) zoo (c) house
10.) A place for public Christian worship is called ______
(a) church building (b) mansion house (c) mount zion


Part C: Choose or circle the word that describes what the other words are
Sample: daughter family father mother Son Ans = family

11.) cattle elephant goat mammal Ans =
12.) centimeter kilometer length metre Ans =
13.) big fat short size Ans =
14.) bench chair cupboard furniture Ans =
15.) beans food maize rice Ans =

Part D: Fill the gap with the correct answer
Sample: Mother and daughter, Father and _____ (a) baby (b) brother (c) son Ans = son

16.) Medicine and cure, poison and __________ (a) bitter (b) bottle (c) death
17.) Wood and table, cement and _________ (a) blocks (b) builders (c) factory
18.) Modern and ancient, transparent and ______ (a) black (b) cloudy (c) opaque
19.) Water and thirsty, food and ________ (a) buying (b) cooking (c) hungry
20.) Uncle and nephew, aunt and ________ (a) cousin (b) niece (c) sister

Part E: Study the word formation and pick the best option to fill the gap
Sample: (black, back) (slack, sack) (bleat, _________ ) (a) annual (b) beat (c) goat Ans = beat
21.) (Count, not) (burnt, nut) (tight, _________ ) (a) heat (b) hit (c) hut
22.) (best, east) (spear, pear) (clean, _________ ) (a) bean (b) lean (c) pean
23.) (hit, shirt) (put, spurt) (pot, __________ ) (a) sport (b) spot (c) spat
24.) (think, thin) (tank, tan) (grind, ________ ) (a) grip (b) grin (c) grid
25.) (flatter, fat) (platter, pat) (clutter, ________ ) (a) curt (b) cut (c) cot

Part F: Write out the word that can be paired with each of the following words. If there is a word that cannot be paired, write out letter E at the front of that word

26.) Arrest = _____________
27.) Clippers = _____________
28.) Teller = _____________
29.) Ward = _____________
30.) Wig = _______________
(a) barber (b) hospital (c) lawyer (d) police (e) E

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