JSS 2 French Exams 1st Term


1. Malhonnête c’est lui qui. ____ a)honnest (b) dishonest (c) kind

2.Bola est (courageous) ________(a) bola is lousy (b) bola is courageous (c) bola is encouraging.

3. Mon profesaeur est (Gentil)_________( a)my teacher is kind (b) my mother is good (c) i am kind

4. Ellen est (Timide) (a) she is caring (b) she is bad (c) ahe is timid

5 Son enfant est impolie (a) her child is good (b) his child is impolite (c) she has an impolite

6. Je suis né le 25 Novembre 1965 (a) i was born on 25 November 1965 ( b) she was born on earth (c) they were born before November.

7. J’aime faire les sport ________(a) i love sports ( b) she loves sports (c) she loves fighting

8. Comment est ton papa? ____ (a) how are you (b) how is ur father (c) how are your children

9. Mon pere et honnete ______(a) my daddy is (b) my daddy is honest (c) mon father is honest.

Choose the correct word

10. Tolu est _____( a) belle (b) bell

11. Le professeur est _______(a) courte (b) court

12. Ce monsieur à un teint ______(a) noir (b)noire

13. Cette fille à un teint ____(a) rouge (b) roug

14. Son village est ____(a) ronde (b) rond

15. Les élèves sont _____(a) intelligence (b) intelligent

Complete the following sentence in French

16. Je deteste ______ (yam )

17. Je n’aime pas ________ (orange)

18. il est ________ ( handsome)

19. Elle est _____ ( singer)

20. Ma soeur est ______ (teacher)


form a sentence in French with these words.

1. Congelateur


2. Write (4) objects in the school in French?

3. Write (5) objects in the house in French?

What are these called in English?

a. Jolie

b. Aimer

c. Evier.

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