1st Term Examination CULTURAL AND CREATIVE ARTS 16 Primary 3


Subuode Gbaga Gasline Shimawa Ogun State

1st Term Examination


Primary 3


  1. The natural in – built power to do things that involves creativity is called ________ (a)art (b)tar (c)rat
  2. The expression of feelings, thoughts, moods, emotions and ideas which grow out of an experience is known as _________ (a)paintings (b)art (c)experience
  3. Art helps in __________ and preserving our cultural heritage (a)keeping (b)selling (c)promoting
  4. Which is not a use of Art? (a)communication (b)education (c)computing
  5. There are _________ main branches of art (a)2 (b)3 (c)4
  6. The art whose products are for decorative purpose is ___________ (a)applied art (b)fine art (c)performing art
  7. Performing and literary art are grouped under _________ (a)visual art (b)fine art (c)non – visual art
  8. The rules to be followed or obeyed when making a design are known as _________ of design (a)principles (b)teaching (c)commandment
  9. Making sure the elements used in design are not evenly scattered or one sided is called _________ (a)repetition (b)harmony (c)balancing
  10. Shapes that are formed with straight lines are called _________ shapes (a)rectilinear (b)curvilinear (c)angelinear
  11. Basic shapes are equally called _______ shapes (a)geometrical (b)abstract (c)linear
  12. Lines that run from up to down which are at 900 are _______ lines (a)horizontal (b)curved (c)vertical
  13. The pigments added to a surface, shape or design to make it more appealing to our sense is __________ (a)colours (b)contours (c)make-up
  14. The colours derived from mixing two primary colours are called __________ (a)primary (b)secondary (c)tertiary
  15. Colours are used to _______ the environment (a)dirty (b)ugly (c)beautify


  1. List two uses of art
  2. Mention three examples of applied art
  3. List three uses of colours
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