Encouraging Feedbacks and Comments

Comments are great ways of getting feedbacks from parents and learners if they are properly written by teachers. Good comments tend to motivate Learners to work harder and encourage parents interests and participations.

Comments are emotional.




Good remarks:
1. Your effort is paying off, keep it up!
2. I’m impressed with the progress you’ve shown.
3. Your determination is shining through in your work.
4. Well done! You’re on the right track.
5. Your hard work is reflected in your notes.
6. Your understanding is clearly improving.
7. I’m so pleased to see your dedication to learning.
8. You’re making wonderful strides in your studies.
9. You’re grasping the concepts quite well.
10. It’s evident that you’re taking your studies seriously.

Fair remarks:
1. I believe you can achieve an even higher standard.
2. Let’s work together to improve this next time.
3. I know you have the potential to do better.
4. This attempt didn’t quite meet your usual standard.
5. I’m confident you’ll rise to the challenge next time.
6. Mistakes happen, let’s learn from them.
7. I know you’re capable of producing stronger work.
8. This isn’t your best, but I’m sure you’ll bounce back.
9. Remember, learning is a journey with ups and downs.
10. I’m looking forward to seeing improvement in your next notes.




Remarks or Comments for Fairly good or average results



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