The Need For Curriculum or Scheme or Work

Early year Education is a broad term used to describe any type of educational program that serves children in their pre-school years before they are old enough to enter primary or elementary school.

The contents of our curriculum are designed for children between the ages of 2 to 6 years.

The contents can be delivered to children in day care setting, structured school settings and at homes for home schooling or after school lessons.

This applies that the curriculum is a veritable teaching tool for teachers, parents and home lesson instructors.

Preschool or nursery is a time of rapid growth and development. Research has proven that 90% of a child’s permanent foundation for brain development occurs in the early years.

As a school owner, you need a powerful content that will be delivered to your pupils in the early year classes through simple and straightforward approaches.

As a parent, you must augment what your child learns in school with additional information that sets your child on the pedestal of greatness and success.

Remember, the aim of sending our kids to school is not to pass examinations. The aim is for them to achieve greatness in whatever field they venture in.

This curriculum is designed keeping in mind the physical and intellectual development characteristics of 2- 6 years old.

This curriculum is designed to help them reach the basic milestone they should attend before primary.

This curriculum will help them to have little idea about everything- give them a strong foundation in variety of subjects and prepare them for higher grades


The good news about these curriculum is that they are simple, straightforward and easy to use.

You don’t need additional materials or text books. It is a complete package on its own comprising of:

  • What to teach
  • How to teach it
  • All the materials needed to teach it
  • Detailed explanation of every concept for the teacher’s understanding
  • Simplified definitions for the children’s
  • Class activities to hasten the children’s understanding and sustain their interests

It fulfills current learning and curriculum standards for the age range they are designed for

The curriculum covers what the kids should be taught and the standard they should reach in each subject at any given year/ class

The Importance of Early Child Curriculum 

  1. It provides a balance of play and structured activities including teacher and child – initiated exploration
  2. The contents and activities are appropriate to the age of the children in each class and supports all their developmental domains
  3. It reflects current research on child development and targets specific learning goals for the children
  4. It outlines strategies for monitoring progress and re-evaluation mechanisms to ensure every child is carried along
  5. The contents are broken down in child friendly language and structured in a way that even an inexperienced early year teacher can deliver it without any