Members of our community

Class : Basic 2.


Subject : Civic/Education.


Topic : Members of our community.



A community is a group of people who share the same values and beliefs in a given place. A community is made up of person,. their leaders and everything they share in common.
It could be a village, town, city or school.


Members of a community have right or privileges that they enjoy but the community also has rules that must be followed and observed by all.


Members of our community.
Our communities consist of very important members such as the father, mother, children, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother and other members of the extended family.


There are also people who are not related to us by blood who live in our community. These include our friends, teachers and so on. All these people together are led by community leaders who live as members of the same community.


Rules in the community.
There are rules that guide the behaviour of every member of a community. Some of these rules are as follows :

a. Obedience : Every member of community must obey the rules and regulations of that community.


b. Cooperation : The community lives and works as a team.


c. Loyalty: The Community members must be faithful in their support of the community and their leaders.


d. Sanitation : Members of a community must work together to keep their community clean.
This can prevent the outbreak of diseases and illnesses.


e. Honesty: Members of a community must be honest and sincere with each other in their day – day activities.


f. Community services: Members of a community join hands to help protect and build community projects such as town halls, boreholes, road constructions, etc.


g. Respect: There must be respect
among members of a community


  1. What is a community ?

  2. Lists three members of the community.
    a. —————————
    b. —————————
    c . ————————–


  1. People who are not related to us by blood live in our community.
    ( True / False)


  1. Mention four rules in your community.
    a. —————————
    b. —————————-
    c. —————————
    d. —————————-

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