Writing Our House Analyse Two Letter words in the composition “Our House” English Studies Primary 1 First Term Lesson Notes Week 5

Lesson Title: Writing a Composition on “Our House” – The Use of Two-Letter Words

Grade Level: Primary 1

Term : First Term

Week :Week 5

Duration: 45 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
    1. Describe their house using simple words.
    2. Identify and use two-letter words in a composition.
    3. Create a short composition about their house.

Embedded Core Skills:

  • Writing Skills: Expressing thoughts in writing.
  • Vocabulary Building: Identifying and using simple words.
  • Grammar: Recognizing and using two-letter words.
  • Creativity: Developing a composition about their house.

Learning Materials:

  • Whiteboard and markers.
  • Flashcards with simple words.
  • Visual aids (pictures of houses).
  • Paper and crayons/pencils.
  • Sample composition: “Our House.”


Two-letter words in the English language typically consist of a consonant and a vowel. Here are some common two-letter words:

  1. An: Used as an indefinite article before words starting with a vowel sound.
  2. At: Preposition indicating a specific location or time.
  3. Of: Expressing a relationship between a part and a whole.
  4. On: Indicating location or position.
  5. Up: Indicating a higher position or movement toward one.

Ten more examples of two-letter words in the English language:

  1. No: A negative response or denial.
  2. By: Indicating the agent performing an action.
  3. So: Demonstrating a degree or manner.
  4. If: Introducing a conditional statement.
  5. Us: Referring to a group including the speaker.
  6. Am: The first person singular form of the verb “to be.”
  7. Or: Offering a choice between alternatives.
  8. To: Expressing direction or purpose.
  9. As: In the role or function of.
  10. On: Indicating location or position (repeated for emphasis).

Sentences using the two-letter words:

  1. No: I said no to extra dessert tonight.
  2. By: I’ll pick you up by the park.
  3. So: It was so hot outside.
  4. If: If it rains, we’ll stay indoors.
  5. Us: Let’s take a picture of us together.
  6. Am: I am happy to see you.
  7. Or: Do you want tea or coffee?
  8. To: We’re going to the store.
  9. As: I’ll help you as your friend.
  10. On: The book is on the table.




Short composition about “Our House” with the two-letter words bolded:

Our House

Our house is big. It is on a hill. We love it. It is red.

My room is small. It has a bed. I sleep there.

In the kitchen, we cook. Ma makes yummy food.

Pa works hard. He is strong.

My dog is so cute. It runs fast.

At night, we all sit together. We are happy.

It is a good house. We are a happy family.

In this composition, the two-letter words are bolded to highlight their use in simple sentences, making the text easier to read and understand for primary 1 students.


Introduction (10 minutes):

  1. Greeting and Attendance.
  2. Review of previous lessons on basic vocabulary and sentence structure.
  3. Explanation of today’s topic: Writing a Composition about “Our House” and the Use of Two-Letter Words.
  4. Display visual aids of different houses and ask students to describe them using simple words.

Teacher’s Activities (10 minutes):

  1. Introduce the concept of two-letter words (e.g., “in,” “my,” “it”).
  2. Provide a list of common two-letter words on the whiteboard.
  3. Show flashcards with simple words (e.g., “house,” “tree,” “dog”) and discuss their meanings.
  4. Present a sample composition about “Our House” that includes two-letter words.

Learners’ Activities (15 minutes):

  1. Students practice reading and identifying two-letter words from the sample composition.
  2. They participate in a group discussion about their own houses, using simple words and two-letter words.
  3. Encourage each student to think about and note down sentences about their house.

Guided Composition (5 minutes):

  1. Provide sentence starters on the whiteboard, using two-letter words (e.g., “In my house, ___.”)
  2. Guide students in constructing simple sentences about their house.
  3. Write these sentences on the board as examples.

Independent Composition (5 minutes):

  1. Ask students to complete their composition independently, describing their house.
  2. Provide paper and crayons/pencils for them to write and draw about their house.

Assessment (5 minutes):

  1. Students take turns reading their compositions aloud to the class.
  2. The teacher assesses their ability to use two-letter words correctly.

Conclusion (5 minutes):

  1. Recap of the lesson: What did we learn today?
  2. Highlight the importance of using simple words and two-letter words in writing.
  3. Homework assignment: Complete the composition about “Our House” if not finished in class.


  • Finish writing and drawing a composition about “Our House” using simple words and two-letter words.
  • Practice reading and recognizing two-letter words from provided lists.

Note to the Teacher:

  • Encourage creativity and imagination in the compositions.
  • Provide positive feedback and corrections during the assessment.
  • Support students in understanding the use of two-letter words in context








Writing ‘Our House’ and Analyzing Two-Letter Words Quiz

  1. In the composition “Our House,” the topic is about (a) school, (b) a house, (c) a park.
  2. What is the title of the composition? (a) My House, (b) Our House, (c) Your House.
  3. The composition talks about (a) one house, (b) two houses, (c) many houses.
  4. The word “it” in the composition refers to (a) a tree, (b) the house, (c) a car.
  5. Which two-letter word is used to show possession in the composition? (a) in, (b) my, (c) it.
  6. The word “is” in the composition is a (a) two-letter word, (b) three-letter word, (c) four-letter word.
  7. What does the word “our” mean in the composition? (a) belonging to others, (b) belonging to us, (c) belonging to them.
  8. Which two-letter word is used to talk about a place in the composition? (a) in, (b) it, (c) my.
  9. The word “so” in the composition is used to describe (a) size, (b) color, (c) feeling.
  10. What does the word “at” mean in the composition? (a) a place, (b) a number, (c) a person.
  11. “Our House” talks about the color of the house, which is (a) blue, (b) red, (c) green.
  12. Which two-letter word is used to connect sentences in the composition? (a) and, (b) so, (c) it.
  13. What is the main idea of the composition “Our House”? (a) Animals, (b) Family, (c) Numbers.
  14. The word “on” in the composition is used to describe (a) action, (b) location, (c) time.
  15. What is the last sentence in the composition “Our House”? (a) “We are happy,” (b) “The end,” (c) “I don’t know
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