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*MODERN TEACHING METHODS IN SCHOOL* The specific ways students learn are: 1. Through the five senses. 2. Through curiosity. 3. Through imitation. 4. Through association. 5. Through activities. 6. Through play. 7. Through dramatization. 8. Through discussion. 9. Through questions and answers. *FACTORS THAT DETERMINE TEACHING METHODS* 1. The subject being taught. 2. Type of

Termly Report Format

  This is a sample of Termly Report Format that may be filled by Heads Of Department (HOD) Headmaster or Headmistress (HM) or Principal that may be submitted to The Proprietor or Proprietress at the end of every academic term   TERMLY REPORT FORMAT   TO BE FILLED BY THE HOS/HM/PRINCIPAL AND SUBMITTED TO THE

ICT exams ss 3 Second Term

Ss3 ICT Exams SS 3 Section A 1. The process by which a database is moved back to a consistent and usable state is called………. (a) cash recovery (b) crash recovery (c) past recovery (d) undo recovery 2. The recovery algorithm that uses no-force and steal approach is ………….. (a) ARIAS (b) ARIES (c) ARREARS

SS 2 Second Term English Language Exams

SS 2 Second Term English Language Exams SECTION A By nature, armed robbers are ruthless: I have never seen a ________ one among them. A. humane B. barbarous C. ferocious The taxi driver slowed while overtaking the lorry when the proper thing to do was for him to have _________ A. accelerated B. negotiated C.

Exam Questions Second Term SS 1 Chemistry

  Edu Delight Tutors CHEMISTRY SS1 2ND TERM QUESTION. SECTION A 1. What is the relative atomic mass of potassium A. 40 B. 39 C. 32 D. 24 2. An element with relative atomic mass 108 is A. Ca B. Cl C. Ag D. Al 3. Modern standard element with which chemist define relative atomic

Exam Questions Second Term SS 1 Commerce

SS 1 Commerce Answer all questions I. The study of all the activities involved in the distribution of goods and services is known as A. Trade B. Commerce C. AIDS to trade D. Chain of distribution 2. The final person and the last link in the chain of distribution is are respectively A. Consumer and

Exam Questions Third Term SSS 1 Biology

3RD TERM EXAMINATION CLASS: S.S.1 SUBJECT: BIOLOGY OBJECTIVES 1. Overcrowding is a situation whereby ___________ (a) population in a habitat decreases beyond normal (b) population in a habitat increases beyond normal (c) population in a habitat is static (d) all of the above 2. _________ is the average number of individual of a species per

Exam Questions Second Term SS 1 CRS

CLASS: S.S.1 SUBJECT: CHRISTIAN  RELIGIOUS STUDIES SECTION A. 1. The place we called to witness is __________ a. heaven b. Africa c. Europe d. world 2. The practice of our witness involves all these expect _________ a. good behaviour b. righteousness x. holiness d. killing the pagans 3. The two worthless sons of Samuel were

Exam Questions Second Term SS 2 Civic Education

S S 2 CIVIC EDUCATION 1. ________is a body of rules and regulations through which a society is governed to maintain peace and order. (a) programme (b) virtue (c) integrity (d) law 2. There are _______forms of democracy (a) 4 (b) 3 (c) 5 (d) 2 3. ____________is a system where citizens choose their representative

Exam Questions Second Term Office Practice SS 2

CLASS: S.S.2 SUBJECT: Office Practice INSTRUCTION: Underline the correct answer 1. All these are examples of an office except a. cash office b. Manager’s office c. Principal Office d. Organization 2. _________is where all the equipment, materials for performing of various activities are kept a. Bank b. office c. cash office d. store 3. The
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