Class : Basic Two  Subject : Social Studies 

Class : Basic Two 

Subject : Social Studies 


1. A place where we buy and sell goods is _________ (a) Church (b) Office (c) Market 


2. The act of keeping money in the bank is called ________ (a) Services (b) Road Save (c) Saving 


3. The head of primary school is ______ (a) Rector (b) Headmaster/Headmistress (c) President 


4. ________is a person from a country other than our country (a) School (b) Foreigner (c) Northerner 


5. There are _________ level of Government (a) 3 (b) 6 (c) 5 


6. The leader of our country is the _________ (a) Governor (b) President (c) Counsellor 


7. The people who visit famous places in our country are called _______ (a) Marriage (b) Foreigner (c) Tourist 


8. The ______ law enforcment agency in Nigeria (a) Police (b) Pastor (c) Criminal 


9. The things we need to produce items we need are called _______(a) Relaxer (b) Water (c) Resources 


10.People who use their abilities to work and make money are called ______ (a) Mineral Resources (b) Human Resources (c) National Resources

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