1st Term Exams Primary 5 English Grammar

First Term Examinations

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Part A


Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow



A myth is an ancient story that explains something very important to people in a particular region. Older people tell these stories to younger people in every part of the world. All storytellers change these stories when they tell them; so there are now many different versions of the same myth. Much later, people began to write them down. A creation myth is a myth that explains how the universe, the Earth or life began. There are hundreds of wonderful creation myths in every country and region. Here are some from Nigeria. The first example is a creation myth known to our Efik people. The creator, Abassi, made a man and a woman but he did not want them to live on Earth. His wife, Atai, persuaded him to let them be here. Abassi wanted to control the humans, so he made them eat all their meals with him. He did not want them to grow food or hunt. He also ordered them not to have children.

However, the woman was fed up and she began growing food. Then the man joined his wife in the fields and they stopped coming to eat with Abassi. Soon they had children. Abassi was very angry and blamed his wife for what happened. She promised to do something about it. She sent death to Earth and she also sent arguments and fighting to weaken the power of the people.



1. A ______ is an ancient story that explains important events or situations (a) myth (b) alternative (c) fable

2. ______ people are always telling younger ones stories of how things are formed or how past events occurred (a) Older (b) Weaker (c) Brilliant

3. Myths are not that reliable because there are so many versions of a particular myth (a) true (b) false (c) undecided

4. According to the Efik people, the creator of the world was ____ (a) Abbasi (b) Abass (c) Obasa

5. According to the passage, ____ sent death to the earth (a) Abbasi (b) Abass (c) Ọbasa


Part B

Rewrite the following sentences in Passive Voice


6. Mummy sells apples   ____________________________________________

7. Daddy drove a lorry    ____________________________________________

8. She will eat apples tomorrow _____________________________________

9. The men had eaten rice       ______________________________________

10 . I am doing my homework ________________________________________


Part C 

Rewrite the following sentences in Indirect speech

11. James said ” my mother is sleeping ”         ______________________________

12. Jane said ” I can skip ”                                 ______________________________

13 . Edet said ” My father is a man ”                 _______________________________

14 . The farmers said ” The harvest is good this year ” _______________________

15 . The slave girl said ” I am the messenger of the beautiful princess ” ______


Part D 



Write a letter to your friend in an other school , inviting him or her to your school annual inter house sports event that will come up very soon




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