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Second Term Exams SS 1 Agric

Edu Delight Tutors Second Term Examination AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE – SS1 The main stay of Nigeria’s economy is ________. (a) petroleum (b) agriculture (c) commerce (d) tourism Agriculture provides man with food and also ______. (a) machines (b) industrial materials (c)water (d) artifacts. One of the characteristics of a substance farmer is (a)he produces for himself


  WEEK NINE SS1 FURTHER MATHS FIRST TERM MAPPING AND FUNCTIONS CONTENT Types of Function Application of Function SUB TOPIC: TYPES OF FUNCTION Inverse Function: The inverse of a function is usually written as -1 meaning it is a mapping from The inverse -1need not be a function. The only occasion where -1 is a

Definition OF Mapping and Functions

  WEEK EIGHT SS1 FURTHER MATHS FIRST TERM MAPPING AND FUNCTIONS CONTENT Definition OF Mapping and Functions Types of Mapping and function SUB TOPIC: DEFINITION AND PROPERTIES OF MAPPING AND FUNCTION A mapping is a rule which assigns every element in a set A to a distinct element in a set B, given that A


WEEK SIX SS1 FURTHER MATHS FIRST TERM BINARY OPERATIONS CONTENT Definition of Binary Operation Properties of Binary Operations: Closure, Commutative law, Associative law, Distributive law, Laws of Complementation as in a Set: Identity Elements and Inverse of an Elements Multiplication tables of Binary Operations SUB TOPIC: DEFINITION OF BINARY OPERATIONS A binary of operation is

Definition of Surds Rationalization of the denominator.

WEEK THREE SS1 FURTHER MATHS FIRST TERM SURDS  CONTENTS Definition of Surds Rules for manipulating surds Rationalization of the denominator. Equality of surds. Equations in irrational forms SUB TOPIC: DEFINITION OF SURDS Certain numbers can be expressed as ratios of two integers, i. e . Where p and q belong to the set of integers

Laws of Logarithms

Further Mathematics SS 1 FIRST TERM WEEK TWO SS1 FURTHER MATHS FIRST TERM LOGARITHMS CONTENTS: Laws of Logarithms Change of Base of Logarithms. Use of Tables (greater than one and less than one). Logarithmic Equations. SUB TOPIC: LAWS OF LOGARITHMS In the last topic indices, we learnt that p = ax , e. g 1000

Laws of Indices

  Further Mathematics SS 1 FIRST TERM WEEK ONE LAWS OF INDICES: CONTENT: Laws of Indices Application of Indices Linear Equations Application of Quadratic Equations LAWS OF INDICES There are laws governing the use of indices. These are useful in other subjects. They are; an x am = an+m Therefore a3 x a3 = a


IZU ỤKA  NKE  AB ỤỌ(WEEK 2) IHE OMUMU: Asusu Igbo   KLAASI: SS 1   ISIOKWU: Ọgugu na Aghotaazaa – Ahuike ndi ntorobia (i) nkowa ndi ntorobia (ii)mgbanwe n’ahu ndi ntorobia (iii)ọria ufodu na-emetuta ndi ntorobia (iv)uzo mgbochi oria ndi a   NDINAYA: 1.Ọgugu na Aghotaazaa: Ahuike ndi ntorobia, nkowa ndi ntorobia, na mgbanwe n’ahu ndi ntorobia. Ọria ufodu na-emetuta
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