Basic 7

Igbo Language JSS 1 Second Term Lesson Examination

Gini by Ndebiwu na bekee? (A) Obedience (B) Respect (C) Success (D) Faithful (Correct answer: B) Nsopury bụ _____? (A) Favour (B) Nsopury (C) Ngwere (D) Ngwere (Correct answer: B) Anumany na bekee putara _____? (A) Place (B) House (C) School (D) Animals (Correct answer: C) “Nri bu omumaty aha” means _____? (A) Ahaaka (B)

Mention any four enquiring materials

Mention any four enquiring material “Enquiring material” is not a standard term. However, if you mean materials used for inquiry or investigation, it typically refers to sources of information or data that researchers or individuals use to gather knowledge on a particular subject. This can include books, articles, interviews, surveys, experiments, and various other sources


FIRST TERM E-LEARNING NOTE   SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE    CLASS: JSS 3     WEEK TEN MAGNETISM CONTENT Magnet Law of magnetism. Magnetic poles and field. Care of magnet.   A magnet is a substance or material  that attracts metals like iron and other metals to itself . Magnetism is the ability of a substance

Sound Energy

FIRST TERM E-LEARNING NOTE   SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE    CLASS: JSS 3   WEEK NINE SOUND ENERGY CONTENT   Transmission of sound. Reflection of sound.   INTRODUCTION Sound is a wave caused by vibration of matter. It is a property of vibrating objects. These objects may be solid, liquid or gases. If there is an

Light Energy

FIRST TERM E-LEARNING NOTE   SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE    CLASS: JSS 3     WEEK EIGHT LIGHT ENERGY CONTENT   Properties of light. Lenses and glasses.   Light can be defined as a form of energy which produces electromagnetic radiation capable of causing visual sensation. Light is a kind of electromagnetic wave (waves that can

Deforestation and Desertification

FIRST TERM E-LEARNING NOTE   SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE    CLASS: JSS 3     WEEK THREE   DESERTIFICATION AND DEFORESTATION   CONTENT Definition of Deforestation Causes of Deforestation Effects of Deforestation Control of Deforestation   DEFINITION Deforestation is the continuous removal of trees without replacing or replanting them. Deforestation is also the permanent destruction of


  FIRST TERM E-LEARNING NOTE   SUBJECT: BASIC SCIENCE                                                                                      CLASS: JS 3 WEEK ONE DRUG AND SUBSTANCES CONTENT Definition Health Effects of Drug Abuse on Youth Strategies on How to Live an Healthy Drug Free Life Roles of National Drug Control Agency (NDCA)   CONTENT DRUG AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE Drug abuse is the use of

Epeler un mot, Ecrire un mot epele Dictee

BASIC 7 /  JSS 1    FRENCH   FIRST TERM    WEEK 10 Epeler un mot, Ecrire un mot epele Dictee Bonjour                                                Camarade Saluer                                                   Classe Jour                                                       Applaudissez Ca va                                                     Faire Au-revoir                                             Attention Est                                                          Habite Vien                                                       je m’appelle Ici                                                            elle est Regarder                                             Belle Ecoute                                  Nous Avoir                                                     Avons Lundi                                                     Une voiture A demain                                             Aller Maman                                                Merci Fois                                                       


BASIC 7 /  JSS 1    FRENCH   FIRST TERM    WEEK 9 LESSON 2 CONTINUATION La grammaire. Des phrases avec L’adjectif qualificatif Je suis petit Il est amicable Elle est gentile Elle est aimable Je suis intelligent Je suis sympa Ils sont forts Elle sont belles Il est beau Ils sont beaux Nous sommes