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Agricultural Science Scheme Of Work

  Agricultural Science Scheme Of Work     Primary 1 Agricultural Science Basic One     Primary 2 Agricultural Science Basic Two     Primary 3 Agricultural Science Basic Three     Primary 4 Agricultural Science Basic Four     Primary 5 Agricultural Science Basic Five     Primary 6 Agricultural Science Basic Six  


  Second Term Learning Resources JSS 1 / Basic 7 Agricultural Science Lesson Note Previous Knowledge : Students have previous knowledge of  Classification of crops based on uses (a) food crops (b) oil, spices, latex beverages, fibre ,etc. (c) As sources of nutrient: Carbohydrates, proteins, fat/oil, minerals and vitamins  that was taught during the last

Classification of crops (based on uses)

  SECOND TERM  LEARNING NOTES JSS 1 SUBJECT: AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE CLASS: JSS 1 (BASIC 7) SCHEME OF WORK Subject :  AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE Term : SECOND TERM  Week: WEEK 2 Class : JSS 1 (BASIC 7) Previous lesson :  The pupils have previous knowledge of Classification of crops based on the life cycle during their last


SECOND TERM  LEARNING NOTES SUBJECT: AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE CLASS: JSS 1 (BASIC 7)   SCHEME OF WORK   WEEK 1   TOPIC : CLASSIFICATION OF CROPS   Previous lesson : The pupils have previous knowledge of Introduction to Keyboarding: (i) The meaning of keyboarding (ii) The importance of keyboarding (iii) Correct sitting posture for keyboarding.  

The following are steps taken in raising field crops

Edu Delight Tutors   FIRST TERM EXAMINATION   CLASS: PRIMARY 5                                       SUBJECT: AGRIC SCIENCE     NAME:………………………………………………………………………       1.) __________ can be formed when rocks are broken down into smaller pieces. (a) sand (b) soil (c) stones   2.) There are _______ types of soil. (a) 4 (b) 5 (c)

Primary 3 Mathematics Second Term Examination

SUBJECT: MATHEMATICS PRIMARY 3 Find the missing number 4 x ___= 28 (a) 8 (b) 7 (c) 13 (d) 14 3 x 9 = ____(a) 49 (b) 39 (c) 27 (d) 104 6 boys have ____legs (a) 6 (b) 20 (c) 31d) 12 Multiply four by nine the answer is ___(a) 36 (b) 49 (c)

Primary 3 Second Term Examination Agric Science

  SUBJECT: AGRIC SCIENCE CLASS: PRIMARY 3 Oil can be used for ____(a) cooking (b) stealing (c) fighting Oil and fats give ______ to man and animal (a) vomiting (b) cholera (c) energy Oil is a major ____in soap making (a) ingredient (b) pepper (c) light A _________ is a food eaten by man and


SUBJECT: AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE TIME: 1 HOUR CLASS: GRADE THREE NAME OF PUPIL____________________________________ DATE __________ Answer the following questions To preserve means to ________ (a) keep fresh until it will be used 9b) bury or embalm in deep soil (c) use as animal feeds To make seeds viable for the next planting seasons, they must be

Exam Questions Second Term SS 2 Agric Science

Edu Delight Tutors   AGRIC SCIENCE SS 2 Commercial agriculture is characterized by (a) Use of machines (b) Small Farm holdings (c) Low capital investment (d) Little research activity The most common method of acquiring land in west Africa is by (a) Mortgage (b) Communal ownership (c) Leasehold (d) Inheritance The agricultural sector in West

Second Term Exams Agricultural Science JSS 1

AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE Jss 1 Second Term Exams Agricultural Science JSS 1 The reproductive part of a plant is _______. (a)stem (b)root (c)leaf (d) flower Which of these animals is noted for the production of common table egg. (a) Pigeon (b) Chicken (c) Turkey (d)Goose Fishes are reared in ______ . (a) kitchen (b) market (c)pond
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