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Suggested Plan Lesson Notes and Other Resources 




Nursery 1 First Term 

Nursery 1 Second Term

Nursery 1 Third Term

Nursery 2 First Term

Nursery 2 Second Term

Nursery 2 Third Term

Scheme of Work


First Term KG 1

Second Term  KG1

Third Term        KG 1

First Term        KG 2

Second Term     KG 2

Third Term          KG 2




Primary 1 First Term

Primary 1 Second Term

Primary 1  Third Term


Primary 2 First Term

Primary 2 Second Term

Primary 2  Third Term







Primary 3 First Term

Primary 3 Second Term

Primary 3  Third Term



First Term        Primary 4

Second Term    Primary 4

Third Term        Primary 4



Primary 5 First Term 

Primary 5 Second Term

Primary 5  Third Term


Primary 6 First Term

Primary 6 Second Term

Primary  6 Third Term




Jss 1 First Term


Jss 1 Second Term


Jss 1 Third Term









Jss 2 First Term


Jss 2 Second Term


Jss 2 Third Term



Jss 3 First Term


Jss 3 Second Term


Jss 3 Third Term



First Term  SSS 1


Second Term SSS 1


Third Term SSS 1








SSS 2 First Term


SSS 2 Second Term


SSS 2 Third Term


First Term  SSS 3


Second Term  SSS 3


Third Term SSS 3


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