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WEEK SEVEN DATE ……………………… TOPIC: CLASSIFICATION OF ACCOUNTS CONTENT Classification of Accounts Division of the Ledger The Trial Balance An account is a ledger record, in a summarized form, of all transactions that have taken place with a particular person. An account can also be defined as a history of all transactions of similar nature.

Definition and uses of the Petty Cash Book

WEEK FIVE AND SIX DATE ……………… TOPIC: Petty Cash Book CONTENT Definition and makes use of of the Petty Money E-book The Imprest System: – Which means, Traits and Benefits Preparation of the Petty Money E-book The Petty Cash Book That is the subsidiary ebook of account that’s used for recording low-value (petty) money funds

Three Column Cash Book Reasons for Granting Discounts

WEEK THREE AND FOUR DATE ……………… TOPIC: Three Column Cash Book CONTENT Reductions – Definition, Sorts, Options Causes for Granting Reductions Variations Between Commerce Reductions and Money Reductions Classification on Money Reductions The Three Column Money Guide Three Column Money Guide The sort of Money Guide mix low cost column on each sideto the money

THE CASH BOOK Contra Entries

WEEK ONE AND TWO DATE ……………………. TOPIC: THE CASH BOOK CONTENT Types of Cash Book Single Column Cash Book Two Column Cash Book Contra Entries Bank Overdraft The Cash Book is a subsidiary book of account that is used to record the payments and receipts of money (cash or cheques) to or by a business

Probability Distribution and Approximations FURTHER MATHEMATICS SSS 3

  FIRST TERM E-LEARNING NOTES SUBJECT: FURTHER MATHEMATICS CLASS: SSS 3 SCHEME OF WORK WEEK TOPIC Matrices and Determinants (2×2, 3×3): (a) Basic definitions (b) Addition, subtraction and multiplication on Matrices (c) Transposition and special matrix (d) Determinants of order 2 and 3 (e) Inverse of a square matrix (f) Simultaneous equations using matrices. Linear transformations:

Coefficient of Correlation

  WEEK 6 TOPIC: CORRELATION AND REGRESSION CONTENT: Concept of corellation as emasure of realtionship Scatter diagrams Rank correlation Tied ransk Subtopic 1: Concept of correlation as measure of relationships We have consideered in our last discussions on finding measures of location and the spread. We call such data univariate data. In this discussion, we


  WEEK 3 1ST TERM SUBJECT: Further Mathematics CLASS: SS 3 TOPIC: PARTIAL FRACTIONS CONTENT: Basic definitions Proper rational functions with linear factors (distinct and repeated) Subtopic 1: Basic Definitions You know what a fraction is. ¼ is a fraction. When we have 3/5 + 2/x, , we say that 3/5 and 2/x are the


SUBJECT: FURTHER MATHEMATICS CLASS: SSS 1     WEEK SEVEN MID TERM BREAK. WEEK EIGHT TOPIC: ROOTS OF QUADRATIC EQUATION 1 SUB-TOPICS: Quadratic equation (finishing the sq. and method methodology). Sum and product of roots of quadratic equation. Discovering quadratic equation given sum and product of roots, x2 – (sum of roots) + (product) =


SUBJECT: FURTHER MATHEMATICS CLASS: SSS 1 WEEK SIX TOPIC: BINOMIAL EXPANSION 2 SUB-TOPICS: Discovering nth time period. Utility of binomial enlargement SUB-TOPIC 1 Discovering the nth time period The binomial enlargement of is given as: = This enlargement is true for any pure quantity worth of n, giant or small, however when n is a


SUBJECT: FURTHER MATHEMATICS CLASS: SSS 1   WEEK FIVE TOPIC: BINOMIAL EXPANSION 1 SUB-TOPICS: Pascal triangle. Binomial growth of (a+b)n , the place n might be constructive integer, destructive integer or fractional worth. SUB-TOPIC ONE The Pascal’s triangle is a format for getting the coefficients of expansions. It applies to binomial and binomial fashioned from