Revision Physical Development Nursery 2 First Term Lesson Notes Week 10 & 11

Revision: Lesson Plan

Subject: Physical Development
Class: Nursery 2
Term: First Term
Week: 10 & 11
Topic: Revision
Sub-topic: Reviewing and Practicing Learned Activities
Duration: 40 minutes each session

Behavioral Objectives:

By the end of the revision sessions, pupils should be able to:

  1. Recall and perform the activities learned in previous lessons.
  2. Demonstrate improved coordination and physical skills.


  • Review
  • Recall
  • Practice
  • Activities

Entry Behaviour:

Pupils have participated in various physical activities throughout the term.

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • Music player
  • Flashcards from previous lessons
  • Open space for activities
  • Cones or markers
  • Sand and water play materials

Building Background / Connection to Prior Knowledge:

  • Review the key activities and skills learned in previous weeks, reinforcing knowledge and skills.

Embedded Core Skills:

  • Coordination
  • Memory
  • Social interaction
  • Physical activity

Reference Books:

  • Lagos State Scheme of Work

Instructional Materials:

  • Flashcards
  • Music player
  • Cones or markers
  • Sand and water play materials


  • Review and practice the activities from previous lessons.


Step 1: Introduction

  • Explain that the next two weeks will be for revision.
  • Encourage pupils to remember and practice what they have learned.

Step 2: Activity Review and Practice

Week 10:

  1. Jumping and Clapping
    • Review jumping and clapping techniques.
    • Have pupils demonstrate jumping and clapping.
  2. High Five Dance Game
    • Play music and review dance steps.
    • Encourage pupils to dance and give high fives.
  3. Playing with Water
    • Set up water play stations.
    • Allow pupils to explore and play with water.

Week 11:

  1. Sand Play
    • Review different types of sand and soil.
    • Set up sand play stations for exploration.
  2. Follow The Leader
    • Play “Follow The Leader” with pupils taking turns as leaders.
    • Review and practice different movements.
  3. Galloping
    • Demonstrate galloping and have pupils practice.
    • Set up a simple obstacle course for galloping.
  4. Body Parts Activity
    • Review body parts using flashcards.
    • Play the match body parts game.

Teacher’s Activities:

  • Lead the review of each activity.
  • Demonstrate and guide pupils in practicing the activities.
  • Provide positive feedback and encouragement.

Learners’ Activities:

  • Participate in reviewing and practicing each activity.
  • Demonstrate skills learned in previous lessons.
  • Engage with peers in group activities.


  • Observe pupils’ participation and skill recall.
  • Check for correct demonstration of activities.
  • Note their engagement and improvement.

Evaluation Questions:

  1. Can you show me how to jump and clap?
  2. What is a high five?
  3. How do you play with water?
  4. Can you find different types of sand?
  5. What do you do in Follow The Leader?
  6. Show me how you gallop.
  7. Can you touch your head?
  8. How do you feel when you play these games?
  9. Which activity is your favorite?
  10. Why is it important to practice these activities?


  • The teacher observes and assists pupils throughout the revision.
  • Praise pupils for their efforts and improvements.
  • Encourage them to continue practicing at home.

Body Parts Activity Physical Development Nursery 2 First Term Lesson Notes Week 9


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