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Duration: 2hrs

Class: JSS 2

1 Light energy from the sun is called———–a. electric   b. kinetic   c. chemical   d. solar

  1. The SI unit of energy is —-        a. L   b. E    c. J   d. W
  2. Which of the following is not a source of energy? a. wood  b. coal   c. water   d. smoke

4 .Mathematical expression of power is ——————

  1. Newton/Distance   b. Force/Time   c. Workdone/Time   d. Mass/Density
  2. Mathematical expression for work done by a body is represented below as ——-a.  W  =  f x d   b .W=n x t  c. S= d x t  d. W= m xv  e .W= f X j
  3. The S.I unit of power is ————    a. cm  b. m/s   c. m   d. watts
  4. The energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position is called
  5. potential  b. Kinetic   c Food  d. Muscular
  6. A body of mass 10Kg moves with a velocity of 6m/s, Calculate the kinetic energy of the body.a.150j   b.1200j   c.180j   d.160j
  7. What is the major source of energy? a. garden   b. water   c. light   d. Sun
  8. I f  a force of 500N is applied by a car over a distance of 3 metres ,  calculate the  workdone  by the car.  a. 20j   b.50j   c.200j  d.1500j   e.1200j
  9. Calculate the velocity of a moving body of mass 20g if its K.E is 64J. a.50m/s  b. 34m/s  c.80m/s   d. 24m/s
  10. Calculate the power of a pump which can lift 500kg of water through a vertical height of 12m in 0.3minutes .Assuming g-9.8m/s2
  11. 32.7 kilowatts b.3.27kilowatts  c.327kilowatts d.3270kilowatts
  12. A ball of mass 20g is placed at the height of 8cm, calculate the potential energy.(g=9.8m/s)
  13. 016j    b.0.16j   c.1.6j   d.16j.
  14. Which one of the following is not the importance of honest communication about pubertal concerns to responsible parents.
  15. it helps to learn more about self    b. it enhances healthy relationship with family

c .it destroys self esteem    d. it boosts knowledge and understanding about pubertal changes.

  1. Sending and receiving information through pictures, facial expression, action and code language is ——-    a. direct communication  b. indirect communication   c. verbal communication  d.non verbal communication
  2. Characteristics of good communication are these except—
  3. active listening  b. simple language  c. eye contact   d. noise making
  4. Conversation fillers that must be avoided during conversation include—
  5. eye contact  b. body language  c. write down  d .putting hands into pocket
  6. Which of the following is not an expression of feeling, desire and fantasies in lifetime?   a. attitude development  b. enjoy touch  c. curiosity about gender  d. no internet for opposite sex
  7. Self worth can be influenced by the following factors except
  8. Family  b. Environment  c. Mass media  d. Food
  9. Which of the following is not part of the biological or reproductive events in lifetime–?
  10. wet dream  b. male producing sperm  c. Girls menstruate   d. Impossible to get sexually transmitted disease/HIV.

21.The smallest indivisible particle of an element is ——-.

  1. Atom   b. Molecule   c. Element  d. Electron

22.The three fundamental particles of an atom are ——

  1. Proton, neutron, electron  b. Proton, nucleus, orbit  c.Nucleus,proton,ion   d.ion,nucleus ,election
  2. The temperature at which liquid turn to solid is called ————- point.
  3. Freezing point   b. Cooling  c. Boiling point    d. Melting point
  4. When  solids change into liquid at appropriate temperature, the process is called ———
  5. Evaporation   b. Melting   c. Diffusion  d. Boiling
  6. The process by which a gaseous matter comes back to a liquid matter is known as  ———
  7. Boiling   b. Freezing   c. Sublimation   d.Vapourisation   e. Condensation.

26.The boiling point of  pure water is ———-

a.0oC        b.100oC      c.250oC   d.1000oC

  1. When  a liquid is cooled, it ————
  2. Condense   b. Evaporates   c. Freezes   d. Melts   e. Sublimes

28 .A  catapult  which has been pulled to its maximum elasticity is said to possess–energy. A  electrical   B kinetic  C mechanical   D motor  E  Potential

29 .  Series of similar events that takes place  throughout the length of time a person is likely to live is called …….A .life-death continuum B. birth continual    C .birth control   D .blood life continuum  E. life span continuum.

30.Kinetic energy include the following except

  1. stationary bus  b. a moving car   c. a falling orange   d. a man running
  2. Calculate the workdone when a 15Kg object was lifted through a vertical distance of 300cm.—————–

32.The two types of Mechanical energy are 

33 .Calculate the kinetic energy of an object of mass 200kg moving with a speed of 3m/s.  —————–

  1. If the mass of an object is 6kg, and height is 5m.Calculate the potential energy . (assuming=10m/s).————–

The two factors affecting evaporation are 



Conversation fillers that must be avoided during conversation are 




40.The way a person feels about his or her physical appearance is called———



Attempt only 3 three Questions from this section.

1a. Calculate the workdone when a force of 15N travels a distance of 10m.

Given that the timetaken is 15minutes , calculate the power.                     5marks

  1. The mass of a ball is 20g and the height is 8cm.Calculate the velocity of the ball just before it touches the ground.(g=10m/s)                                               5marks                                 

2a.If the kinetic energy of a ball moving at a velocity of 10m/s is 50kj.What is the mass of the ball?                                                                                      31/2marks

2b.In effective communication skills, the BRIEF acronym means:

B for———————————– 

R for————————————

I for———————————— E for———————————–

F for———————————–                                                                       5marks

2c. Mention three conversation fillers that must be avoided in communication.    11/2marks                 

3a.State 3 factors that influences individual sense of self-worth.                  3marks

3b. In tabular form, state 2 differences between Verbal and Non-verbal communication.                                                                                                    4marks                  

3c. State 3 ways of improving communication.                                                     3marks

4a.  State 5 importance of honest communication about pubertal concerns to responsible parents.                                                                                                  5marks

  1. Mention the two types of Life Span Continuum and state two examples  of each.                                                                                                                             3marks
  2. What is Communication?                                                                                     2marks

5a. State 3 statements of kinetic Theory.                                                              3marks

  1. List three phenomena which supports the kinetic theory of matter.          3marks
  2. Using the kinetic Theory, explain why a solid has a definite shape and liquid has none.                                                                                                                            4marks


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