Red Carpet Questions For Graduation

1. Hello, may we know your name?
2. Do you know the theme for today’s end of session ceremony at Edu Delight Tutors?
3. What do you expect to see with the theme “It’s My Life” at Edu Delight Tutors?
4. What do the colors white and gold signify to you at Edu Delight Tutors?
5. Which class is your child or children in at Edu Delight Tutors?
6. What presentation are you most excited about today at Edu Delight Tutors?
7. What do you find most exciting about Edu Delight Tutors?
8. Can you share one positive thing Edu Delight Tutors has added to your child?
9. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Edu Delight Tutors?
10. Where do you see Edu Delight Tutors in the next 5 years?
11. What advice would you give to the graduands of the day at Edu Delight Tutors?
12. What has been your child’s favorite experience at Edu Delight Tutors this year?
13. As a parent, what do you appreciate most about the faculty and staff at Edu Delight Tutors?
14. Can you share any particular challenges that Edu Delight Tutors helped your child overcome?
15. What advice would you give to parents who are considering enrolling their child in Edu Delight Tutors?
16. How has your child grown academically, socially, or emotionally while attending Edu Delight Tutors?
17. Do you have any suggestions for how Edu Delight Tutors could improve or expand its offerings?
18. What role do you think Edu Delight Tutors plays in the local community?
19. Can you share any fond memories of your own school experiences?
20. How does it feel to see your child graduate from this stage of their education at Edu Delight Tutors?