1. Opening prayer & Opening Hymn
  2. Welcome Charge(By MC)
  3. Processional Graduation Walk  
  4. National Anthem in English / French / Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa(This will be determined by the state or community your school resides)

NB: (flags to be displayed while Anthem is going on with the presence of the school scouts or guides)

  1. School Anthem
    6. Welcome song performance in English And French/Other Foreign Languages
  2. Welcome Speech by Head prefect
  3. Welcome speech by Proprietress/Propertor/School Admin


9. Welcome drama

  1. Preschool Presentations ( In the case of a secondary school, start with any presentation)
  2. Physical and Pictorial Presentations on vocational skills and STEAM projects done during the term.
  3. Science Facts / Cultural presentation / News presentation / Dance 

Presentation / Ballet / DRAMA / French Or Other Foreign Languages Presentation / Music Presentation

  1. Talk Show/Public Speaking Presentations

✓ Health Issues, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention And Cure (Such as ; Cancer, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Hypertension, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Kidneys & Liver Infection, Heart Problem, Infertility, et al.

✓ Natural Therapy To A Healthy Life.

✓ Natural Benefits Of Fruit, Vegetables & Water.

✓Digital Skills Awareness & Job Opportunities

✓ Profitable Businesses Parents Can Invest Into With Ease.

✓ Social Etiquettes

✓ Business Etiquettes

✓Motivational Speech On Personal Development And Growth, et al.


  1. Graduands & Parent Dance On Red Carpet
  2. Word of Exhortation(By School Admin)
  3. Farewell speech by Valedictorian(Head Boy/ Head Girl)
  4. Valedictory Speech by proprietress/Proprietor
  5. Cutting of Cake 
  6. Prizes And Awards Presentation For Parents(Learners Awards should have been given to them on a different day before the school party)
  7. School Strategic Event Invite(Presummer, Summer, et al)




Many years ago, I was given an admission as a learner into this great citadel of learning. Now, after so many years of discipline and  consistency in leadership skills which earned me my position as  the Head Girl, I’m here saying my thank you and goodbye speech, which really does make me quite sad, yet excited to move onto new adventures.

The opportunities I have been given at (school name) have been absolutely phenomenal. I really can not thank all the staff and students enough for this, especially the Proprietress of this great citadel of learning, in person of Eminent (school owners name). He/She has been a magnificent mentor and life transformer to us all. You’re deeply appreciated ma’am/sir!

To finish my journey as a Head Boy/ Girl in (school name) has been a dream come true; I’m not sure that I would have had this same opportunity anywhere else. This is so because (school name) have so much interest in enriching us to be all rounded individuals and responsible citizens. 

Every day, I walk through the school gates with a feeling that I am cared for, with the presence of a huge sense of community. When I leave this school today, every day for a long time, something will feel missing in my life.

For me, (school name) has shaped me to become a better person. I have been given amazing teachers and I have made so many friends, all of whom have influenced me in a positive way.

Today I will leave the school gate for the last official time; however I leave with more knowledge and more wisdom than what I started with.

To all the great ambassadors left in the Academy, being pupils and students, If there’s one thing to take home from what I’ve said, please grasp every opportunity you have while you’re at (school name). The ethos and attitudes towards school life are there for a reason, to set us up for the future and to be outstanding people. If you feel ‘ordinary’ and there’s nothing much to school life at the minute, there will always be an opportunity to grasp. And If you’re always getting into trouble and want a new start, it’s not too late, make that change and feel like you’re becoming a better person.

Don’t head off to higher institution thinking “I wish I had tried that” or “I should have given that a go!!!

Look at what the school has to offer and leave with no regrets.

For me personally, my school life at (school name) has given me so much.

 I honestly believe everyone has the potential to do what they want to do, so make it happen!

Thanks again to everyone that has come to celebrate with me and my colleagues today.

I wish everyone here the very best in the years to come.


I remain your humble outgoing Head Boy/Head Girl (learners name)



Good day  everyone. We gathered here today to celebrate and validate the 

party / graduation ceremony of (school) students (Put your school name)

I am _____________, ______________________________ Head prefect, and I am 

honored to have the opportunity to speak today.

First of all on behalf of the entire learners of Edu Delight Tutors , I would like to welcome
you to the 20—-/20—- graduation ceremony of Edu Delight Tutors students of 


I also want to thank all parents, family and friends for their love and constant support, as well to the members of Staff of ___________________ school for their guidance and patience; we truly owe you all that we are.

(School name) has been a school with an unforgettable journey that has prepared us for
the future, which is bright, excellent and rewarding.


These past few years have involved some of the most memorable and influential 

moments of our lives. Individually, our experiences here are unique, but together 

we share a common bond as members (school name).

I am filled with excitement and anticipation as the next stage of our life is about to 

begin again, but without the support of our parents, guardian and our teachers, we 

may not have made it to this day.
They have been there for us since the beginning, guiding us, helping us, and
watching us grow. They have witnessed us mature into responsible young adult.

Thank you for been there for us, we welcome you and hope you have a wonderful 

time here today.



Good everyone! Thank you so much for coming! We are SO excited about

Today is a very special day. Today we celebrate YOUR children’s life and 

times in school!

When your children first started preschool, there was much separation 

anxiety. The beginning of a new school year is like that for children and 

for parents!

The beginning of the school year was a time of building trust with the 

children and with you. It was a time of building relationships together and creating a team with one shared goal: Providing your children with 

what they needed to develop and grow as children.

That trust was built, relationships and teams was created. We moved through the year -as a team growing and learning and building a foundation your children will cherish. And now, it is very hard for us to believe your children are moving to the next class! You have entrusted the most important thing in your lives to us-your child. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate that trust!

We thank you for sharing your children with us. We thank you for allowing us to be part of your family during this time. And now, it is the end of the session. It is time for your children to move on to the next class and, Guess what? It is us….the teachers…who have separation anxiety. We will miss your children more than you know. 

But we smile through the goodbye tears because we are so grateful to have been part of their lives and your family during this time.

And, I want to thank the teachers today. Thank you for your dedication to the children and their families. Thank you for your thoughtful planning and time invested in the lives of each and every one of these children!

There was a poem written by Forest Witcraft that talks about teachers and it definitely applies to the teachers, support staff and volunteers here today:

“One hundred years from now

It won’t matter

What kind of car I drove

What kind of house I lived in

How much money I had in the bank

Nor what my cloths looked like

The world may be a little better because, I was important In the life of a child. And you were. You were important to each and every one of these
children. Thank you.
And now, the children are very excited to get this party started, right? 

Okay, let’s hand over the program to the children!”


Thank you all for joining us.



Thanks to Almighty God for this wonderful occasion, for all that he has 

done for you the outgoing pupils of this great school, 

______________________________. This is a great privilege because 

many started the way you did across the world but never graduated, 

some are no more, some could not further because of a specific reason or 

the other, but you are fortunate to be honored today. All is by the grace 

of God. 


Many thanks also goes to our dear and highly esteemed parent 

for availing us this opportunity to serve them best, by giving your children 

the fundamental and basic ways of training them to be outstanding 

future leaders, and also making (School name)

your choice of School. I must say again and again that this is a very great 



 I also thank God for giving me such a wonderful workforce, my 

teachers have been working tirelessly to realize the vision of this school, 

and this has proved significant as we have these grandaunts manifesting 

today, they have been responding to various trainings and have been 

reflecting the qualities and ethics of this great school, it’s been a privilege 

working with you.


To my dear children and students: – (School name)

is a great school that has imbedded in you many values, physically, 

mentally, spiritually and academically. You have been built in every area 

of your life to face the challenges of the rigorous world around you. 

These values are worth a lifetime in which I believe they are sustainable 

for the future. I hope you will not depart from all that you have been 

taught and to my greatest believe that you have also received. I believe 

you will stand out in your respective higher place of learning, reflecting 

Godly values of diligence, discipline, desire and devotion that you have 

been taught in your great school.


To my dear parents:
This session has been a very blessed session as we’ve increased in enrollment number, this is due to your help and your strategic advertisement. Thank you for your help we are really grateful.

My special thank you goes to (PTA/SCHOOL WELFARE/IMPORTANT FIGURES WITHIN THE PARENTS THAT HAS CONTRIBUTED IMMENSELY TO THE SCHOOL) just to mention a few. Thank you for helping us build 

your school God bless you.

As blessed as we are in this school we are not perfect and are always 

willing to improve.

This is just the beginning of a long but worthy journey to the future of 

your children, now more than ever continually nurture the leader within 

them, build them up to face challenges, let them be accountable to you, 

lead them by example, don’t be discouraged in training them, we must 

make it to their future together and the future I can see ahead is a very 

bright one.

One way you can make sure your children become great leaders in the 

future is by making them available for the LEADERSHIP SCHOOL which 

will be starting on ______________. The students will experience 

numerous lessons, leadership games and so many E-learning videos that 

will teach them science and other practical’s.


 We want to you to fill the feedback forms with you and give us the names and numbers 

of your friends and neighbors in your churches, where you buy from, where you 

make your hair, fellowships. Just fill 2 names and numbers of your friends 

that we can call to attend this event, remember when they register you 

become our parent ambassador and you qualify for our numerous 

discount packages starting from 25% off to a full schorlarship for your 

child once the terms and conditions are fulfilled.

Finally dear parents, we appreciate the last turn out to our Mother’s day 

Event this was very very encouraging and we hope to see more of that. 

We have taking note of your suggestions and we

will do likewise, I encourage you to pay your school fees to the schools 

account on or before resumption so we can carry out these activities on 


I say a big thank you one more time to you my dear parents.

To my dear Teachers:- This has been another challenging, but successful 

year, and the year ahead poses a greater challenge to us as the future of 

this children is our first and utmost priority, we must review, re plan and 

restrategize ourselves and get set for the challenges ahead. Remember 

our target number of students for next session is 250 students and with 

your commitment and God’s help we will hit and exceed this target.

To our visitors : (School name) is stepping to 

greater heights, am glad you are here to witness the start of that leap, 

you can also join the flight by registering your children and telling others 

about it. We are very glad you made out time to be here today.


I want us to know that this is not the time to rest but time to put in more 

effort because our future is very bright. This point is just a starting point 

to the brighter future, the major reason why we are all gathered at this 

point is to celebrate the academic achievement that
(School name) has brought out in the life of this 

beautiful kids So I charge us parents, teachers and students to remain 

focused and determined to achieve the best, anything less than 

successfull not admissible, we are meant for the top so, SEE YOU AT THE 



To my students :- I pray that as you go, God almighty will never leave us nor 

forsake us in this future journey to achieve greatness. You shall increase in 

knowledge, wisdom and understanding in Jesus name.

Know it that we all love you and within our mind, we wish you not leave us but 

we must part in order to continue on this ladder of progress. Therefore you are 

still part of us anytime, anyday. God bless you Amen.



Play script: I Spy

Cast: Mum, Dad, David and Megan.

Scene 1

(The family is in the car on the way to the Edu Delight Tutors PARTY)

David: (Whining) Dad, are we nearly there yet?

Megan: (Shoves David) I’m getting fed up with you!

Dad: (Angrily) Look, it’s bad enough driving for two hours without having to listen to you two


Mum: (Snappily) Be quiet you to, find something to do with yourselves.

Megan: (Whining) But mum, I’ve read all my comics and done all my puzzles.

David: I’ve read my comic too (whines) AND I’ve listened to my story tapes.

Mum: O.K. then, let’s play I Spy for a while, you start, Megan.

Megan: (Looks at David) I spy with my little eye something beginning with F.

Scene 2

(Everyone looks tired)

David: I give up, it’s too hard, what do you spy beginning with F?

Megan: (Pointing at David) F is for FOOD!

Mum: Megan, you like food so much…. Okay.. here is a little biscuit for you

Megan: (Quietly) okay. Your go.

(A pause while David thinks, he looks very confused)

David: I spy with my little eye something beginning with G.

Scene 3

(Everyone look really tired again)

Megan: This is too hard; tell us what you spied that starts with G.

David: (Excitedly) Jumper!

Mum: David that begins with J. Never mind, it’s the right sound.

Megan: (laughs) Never mind, David.

(Dad slows down suddenly)

Dad: Look everybody! (Pointing) I spy with my little eye something beginning with S (pauses) it’s

______________________________ and we’re here at last!

Loud shouts.. Everyone alights from the car and the party gets started!!!


Scene One*

Shalewa: (Walks in grumpily) Mum, I’m set for school. I need the money I told you about last 


Mrs. Adewale: (adjusting her glasses to the tip of her nose, looks up to see her daughter.) Have 

you greeted me this morning, young lady? I’m so sure my stature is not as small as I think, and just 

so you know, I’m still your mother.

Shalewa: (Standing akimbo) Mum! Please, not this morning again.

Mrs. Adewale: Don’t you please me, young lady. I keep telling you, “character is likened to a 


Shalewa: Mum, can you please just stop? Are you giving me the money or not? (She starts to 

leave) alright I guess I would have to ask dad then.

Mrs. Adewale: Come back here, Shalewa! (She gets up and follows her daughter) Such insolence 

will not be permitted in this home. I’m sick and tired of you…..

*Scene Two*

Mr. Adewale: (Walks in with his briefcase) she is only acting childish. Can you just indulge her 

being the last born and only girl? (Drops his briefcase)

Mrs. Adewale: We can’t keep using that as an excuse not to scold her. She needs all the discipline 

she can get now

Mr. Adewale: ohhh, woman, what do you want me to do? (Adjusting his wristwatch) our daughter 

asked you, the mother, for some money, and all you could do is give her a moral speech. Wrong 

timing, dear.

Mrs. Adewale: Don’t you get it, we need to talk to her together. If she doesn’t get it now, she 

might never get it again. Please, I want you to trust me on this.


Mr. Adewale: (Placing both hands on her shoulders) honey, I trust you. I’m only saying, there is 

time for everything. You can’t be correcting her or giving her moral lessons when she should be in 

school. (Carries his briefcase) you know what, let’s talk about this when I get back from work.

*Scene Three*

Joy: Can you believe it, the minister of culture and tourism is coming to our school? (she shrieks). I 

can’t wait to see her and take a selfie with her. How cool will that be?

Shalewa: So? What’s the big deal? It’s not like she will come in person. Please, just chill and stop 

all this noise you are making.

Joy: (Looking in awe) Shalewa, you will never change. Just imagine her calling your name and 

presenting the award as the best student in Art to you, not forgetting the scholarship also. (saying 

the last statement sonorously)

Shalewa: I will let you know when I’m ready to imagine. Can you stop talking about it? It’s no big 

deal, after all, I worked for it and so I deserve it.

Joy: (Checking her wristwatch) Anyways, I need to start going home now. I promised my mum to 

help her in preparing for my dad’s surprise party. You’re coming, right?

Shalewa: (smacking her by the hand) I wouldn’t miss it of course. I need to get to Faith’s house to 

pick up some textbooks. So, we’ll see later.

*Scene Four*

A Lady: Excuse me, would you be kind enough to direct me to a store or a book shop within this 

area? I’m yet to see any around here yet.

Shalewa: (Answering rudely) the last time I checked there is an app called google map, have you 

tried using that? I’m sure you have a phone, use it wisely. Who is she to think she can stop me to 

ask for direction? (She said to herself and Hissed as she walked away)

*Scene Five*

Shalewa: (gives her mum an envelope) this is for you and dad. (Holding her midsection) I’m 


Mrs. Adewale: We have been invited for tomorrow’s occasion. This is some good news. (Continues 

to read) the Minister of culture and tourism is coming. I can’t wait to share the good news with 

your father. I will prepare your favorite for you tonight, I’m so proud of you.

*Scene Six*

(In the principal’s office)

Principal: (Shakes their hands) welcome Mr. and Mrs. Adewale. Thank you for sparing the time to 

come. I know how busy you both are, but today is a special day for your daughter. You both know 

how intellectually sound your daughter is, I don’t need to tell you of that. The State government 

wants to encourage and promote our culture using students as their ambassadors. (Smiles 

widely)The schools with the ten best students in Art have been picked to be presented with 

awards and scholarships. Our school happens to be among the ten schools, which of course, is the 

reason you are here.

Mr. Adewale: Thank you so much. We are honored, sir.

(The minister walks in)

Principal: Good morning, ma’am, It’s a great honor to have you in our school. These are the 

parents of the student, Mr. and Mrs. Adewale.

Minister: (Stretches her hands for a shake) it’s good to see parents embracing our culture. Your 

daughter must really be special for her to be picked out of thousands of students. (Facing the 

principal) shall we get started?

Principal: yes ma’am, I’ve sent for the student (when he sees Shalewa walks in) oh good, she is 


Minister: (Turns to see the student) you? It can’t be you. (Pointing at Shalewa) Principal, are you 

sure she is the one? This girl is rude. I met her yesterday while taking a stroll and thought I should 

as well get a book to read when I return to the hotel. I asked her for directions, and she insulted 


Shalewa: (Quickly kneels, with tears rolling down her eyes) I’m sorry, ma’am. I didn’t know it was 

you. If I did, I wouldn’t have been rude to you.

Minister: My dear, you don’t need to know me before you talk to me respectfully. You lack 

character. Your character can make or mar you. Where your academy may not take you, your 

character can. (Looking at the parents) I’m so sorry but your daughter lacks some home training.


Principal: Ma, Shalewa is a good girl.

Minister: yes, I’m sure she is, maybe academically, but I don’t think she’s morally sound. She can’t 

be one of the ambassadors. (She stood to leave) please, call me the next best student in Art and 

this time around make sure it’s someone who is academically and morally good.



(Mr. Lawal’s house)

Jide: (comes in angrily) I don’t want to go to a higher institution. It’s a total waste of time. I would 

like to be an artist. Why bother with school, when I’m certain my artworks can make me more 

money within those four years. (He stamped his leg on the floor)

Mr. Lawal: I will not accept such insolence in my house. Who do you think you are to make 

decisions for yourself? You want to be an artist, right? Good, all I want for you as a father is to go 

to a higher institution, at least get a BSc. Then, you can decide to go after your dreams.

Jide: That’s my problem exactly, wasting four years in some place that won’t brush up my talent. 

Dad, I can’t do it.

Mr. Lawal: Now, listen to me and listen to me very well. I would advise you to get your priorities 

right. It’s school or nothing else.

(Leaves angrily almost bumping into Baba Ladi)

Baba Ladi: (bends his head) Good morning, sir.

Mr. Lawal: Good morning. Is the car washed?

Baba Ladi: yes sir.

(He walks past Mr. Lawal to meet Jide)

Jide: Good morning, Baba Ladi. Do you need anything because I’m about to head out too?

Baba Ladi: No, I don’t need anything. (He removes his cap) I’m here to see you.

Jide: See me? What for? I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?

Baba Ladi: (Shakes his hands) No, you did nothing wrong, my son. But I’m here so you won’t do 

something wrong.

Jide: Do something wrong? How?


Baba Ladi: I overheard your discussion with your father. Don’t get me wrong, I was not 

eavesdropping, I happened to be working on the flowers in the backyard.

Jide: (scratching his forehead) it’s fine. It’s not like it’s a big secret, I don’t want to further my 

education. As much as my father frowns on my decision, I’ve made up my mind. I don’t have the 

luxury of four years to waste on some gibberish I will be taught that will later be of no value to me 

and my existence.

Baba Ladi: hmmm (shaking his head) true. I understand you. You really do have a point there. 

(Claps his hands) I’m impressed you have thought it through.

Jide: Thank you! Finally someone understands me. (Excitement written on his face) I can’t wait to 

see the look on my father’s face when I tell him you agree with…

Baba Ladi: No! No! No! I said I understand, not agree with you. (Notice Jide’s frowned face) don’t 

be discouraged yet. I would like to share a story with you. Maybe, just maybe you will understand 

why I said I understand but cannot agree with you.

Jide: (Looking confusingly at Baba Ladi) Okay, I’m listening.

Baba Ladi: come with me, let me take you on my journey…. a long time ago when I had the same 

opportunity you had. (He keeps talking as they leave)


(Thirty years ago in Ilu Modakeke)

Banjo: Ladi, what I’m telling you is that, don’t go with the chief to the city because of the little 

money he is giving you.

Ladi: See! See! See! Banjo, I’ve made up my mind. Once I finish class six. I’m going to Lagos with 

the chief so he can teach me how he makes his money.

Banjo: Hmmm, my friend (placing his hand on Ladi’s shoulder) don’t forfeit the scholarship the 

king has given to you because of some peanuts. You may never get this kind of opportunity again. 

Everyone in the village is looking up to you, that you will be the first person to go to the white 

man’s country.


Ladi: I’ve thought about it and there is nothing anybody can say that will make me change my 

mind. I’m going into the bush to set some traps, are you coming with me? (He leaves Banjo 

behind, who rushes to meet up with him)

(In Lagos)

Chief: Madam Kofo, I cannot accept anything less than the amount I told you for the boy. This boy 

is the best student in the whole Modakeke village. He is so brilliant that the village king gave him a 

scholarship. If I hadn’t hijacked him to Lagos with money, the ‘oyinbo’ people that came to visit us 

were ready to travel him out.

Madam Kofo: hmmm, that’s how you will be saying. When they get to where they are to work 

they will become a nuisance to their employers. I will give you the price you want for the boy. He 

must not disappoint me.

(Present day: Mr. Lawal’s house)

Baba Ladi: That day was the very last day I saw the chief. Chief who promised me heaven on earth 

if I followed him to the city. I worked for madam Kofo for fifteen years, before she died. It was 

after her death that I got my freedom and left her house to scout the street of Lagos. One day I 

saw my friend Banjo with his family in a supermarket where I was working as a security guard. He 

had come to Lagos for a meeting, but he stayed in Abuja. He was the one who told me the king 

gave him the scholarship since I turned it down and the white people that came visiting were 

impressed with his level of intelligence, they took him out of the country (He shakes his head as 

tears drop from his eyes) he gave me some money that day, but we couldn’t continue our 

discussion as he had a meeting to attend. I worked for the supermarket for another six months 

hoping he would come back, but he never did.

Jide: Are you telling me that Baba Ladi is your name, and not any of your children’s?

Baba Ladi: Yes. I don’t have any wife or children somewhere. It’s just me. The shame I carry is the 

same reason I can’t go back to my village. Do you now see why I tell you I understand you but 

don’t agree with you? Education is the key. Education is power. Education is important, especially 

when you see the people who are ready to support you.

Jide: I feel so sorry for you, Baba. Thank you for sharing your story with me. When my dad comes 

back I will tell him I’m ready to enroll for a higher institution. I can as well balance my education.


with my talent. One does not have to suffer for the other. As it is I’m going to buy the jamb form 

today. Thank you, thank you and thank you so much. (He rushes out)

Baba Ladi: (wears back his cap) children, they think they know it all until they hear older people’s 




(Evelyn sits eating snacks with her friend, Ireti)

Ireti: (stops eating the biscuit to sigh) I still don’t understand how I’m struggling with my 

math. My performance in the last test was awful. Exam is fast approaching. I don’t know 

what else to do (looks longingly at the biscuit in her hand before dropping it) I wish I can 

assimilate it, but then I’m not as brilliant as you.

Evelyn: Stop. Why would you compare me with you, that’s wrong and you know it. You 

can’t be me and I can’t be you. We are two different people. There is still time, I can still 

put you through. It’s just for us to spend more time together after school hour. What do 

you think?

Ireti: I don’t know. Of what help will that be. Have we not been doing that? I’m tired of 

making fruitless efforts. I have a solution already. Though I don’t know if you will do it.

Evelyn: What’s that? I will do anything to make sure you pass the exam. I promise.

Ireti: You promise. (Stands to look round, sits back as she hurriedly speak) I was wondering 

if you could… you could help me with Mrs. Victoria’s exam script.

Evelyn: What! Ireti. Why would you think something like that? I don’t think I can (stops 

talking when she sees a student passing with some textbooks) do that. As much as I want 

to help you, that’s not an option.

Ireti: (holds Evelyn’s hand firmly) Please you just have to do this for me. (Close to tears) 

Just this once. For me please. I promise no one will know.

(A student comes in)

Student: (faces Evelyn) Mrs. Victoria wants to see you in her office.

Evelyn: (stands to leave) I have to go. We talk about this later.

Ireti: (holds her hand to stop her) Please Evelyn, this is my only chance not to fail.

(Evelyn gently removes her hand)

Mrs Victoria: I need all the students’ notebooks in your class before the end of today.

Evelyn: Yes ma’am. Would that be all?

Mrs Victoria: Hold on. One more thing. (Gives her a file) I need you to take this to the 

principal office.

Evelyn: Okay ma’am.

Mrs Victoria: I have a class now.

(She opens to see what the file contains, then quickly close it back)

Ireti: Is that what I think it is?

Evelyn: (the file almost falling off her hand) I’m not sure.

Ireti: This is our opportunity. Open it Evelyn.

Evelyn: I’m sorry, I can’t. (She rushes out leaving Ireti crying)

(Evelyn comes in to see ireti crying)

Ireti: I can’t believe. I passed, I actually did it.


Evelyn: Hmmm! Hmmm! Did you hear the rumor going round the school? Apparently 

someone think you cheated.

Ireti: What? Why would anyone say that? But you know I did not.

Evelyn: I know, but what of others? The principal called for us.

Evelyn and Ireti enters the principal’s office to see Mrs. Victoria

Principal: Good, you are both here. There has been rumor that someone heard you 

conniving on how (turns to Evelyn) you will help Ireti get the exam questions. Is that true?

Evelyn: Yes ma’am. She asked me if I could but we didn’t do it ma. Ireti prepared hard for 

the exam that was how she passed ma’am.

Principal: Mrs. Victoria gave you a file to bring to my office once, did you check what was 

in the file. The student also saw you opening the file.

Evelyn: No, I didn’t. I would have loved to help my friend, but I helped her in the right 


Principal: Ireti, what do you have to say?

Ireti: I didn’t cheat ma. I passed the exam through the help of Evelyn. I promise.

Principal: I’m glad to hear that. The truth of the matter is the file Mrs. Victoria gave you 

consists of the attendance of students in each classes. So, there was no way you could 

have cheated with that. I would have been disappointed if any of you was caught in a 

situation that will make people question your integrity. You can go. (Watch the students 

back as they leave)


Mrs. Victoria: They both passed the integrity test ma’am. Though Ireti still struggles 

academically, I believe with dedication and hard work she can improve. Should I include 

their names in the prefect list?

Principal: (nods) yes, please.



  1. Did you know that the sound of the human snore can be louder than a drilling 


  1. Did you know that just like your finger print, your tongue print is unique
  2. Did you know that our brain can generate electricity to light up a small bulb
  3. Did you know that a small nail can be made from the Iron present in our bodies
  4. Did you know that an adult human body is made up of 70% of water
  5. Did you know that the hair on human body can lift a weight of 12 tones
  6. Did you know that your eye automatically closes while sneezing
  7. Did you know that every 12th person in the world is color blind
  8. Did you know that we produce heat by shivering

10.Did you know that if you continuously scream for eight years you would have 

produced enough sound energy to heat a cup of coffee

11.Did you know the number of bacteria in a person’s mouth is equal to the number 

of people living on Earth, or even more.

12.Did you know human being breathes in and out approximately 20,000 breaths per 


13.Did you know the heart beats 35 million times a year? Yes, 35 million. A year!

14.Did you know we cannot taste food in the absence of saliva

15.Did you know that if the human eye was a camera it would be 576 megapixels


  1. Octopuses have three hearts, 

nine brains, and blue blood.


  1. An individual blood cell takes about 60 seconds to make a complete circuit of the body.


  1. About 1% of our genes come from plants, fungi, and other germ.


  1. The average human body carries ten times more bacterial cells than human cells.


  1. Grasshoppers have ears in their bellies.



  1. Around 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans.
  2. The largest ocean on Earth is the Pacific Ocean, covering around 30% of the 

Earth’s surface.

  1. The name “Pacific Ocean” comes form the Latin name Tepre Pacificum, “peaceful sea”.
  2. The deepest known area of the Earth’s oceans is known as the Mariana Trench. 

It’s deepest point measures 11km. That’s a long dive down!

  1. The world’s oceans are home to incredible creatures that are masters of disguise! 

Take a look for yourself…

  1. The longest mountain range in the world is found under water. Stretching

over 56,000km, the Mid-Oceanic Ridge is a mountain chain that runs along the centre 

of the ocean basins.

  1. About 70% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the oceans.
  2. The sea is home to the world’s largest living structure – the Great Barrier Reef. 

Measur-ing around 2,600km, it can even be seen from the Moon!

  1. We have only explored about 5% of the world’s oceans. There’s a lot more to be 


  1. The sea can be described as the planet’s mega museum. There are more artefacts 

and remnants of history in the ocean than in all of the world’s museums combined!

Pretty amazing, huh?



List of Continents in the World


Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent on Earth. It covers 30% of the 

Earth’s land area. Asia hosts about 60% of the world’s current human population. The 

continent of Europe along with Asia form the world’s largest landmass, Eurasia, 

however these two continents on land are divided by the Ural mountains which stretch 

right up to the Caspian Sea. By water, it is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, 

on the South by the Indian Ocean and on the north by the Arctic Ocean.


Africa is the second-largest and also the second most populated continent in the world, 

after Asia. The continent of Africa covers 20.4% of the world’s total land area. Africa has a 

population of 1 billion which accounts for about 14.72% of the world’s human population. 

Africa is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to its north, the Indian Ocean to the 

southeast, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Suez Canal and the Red Sea in the 

northwest. Africa is widely regarded to be the continent where humans originated. Africa 

is located on the equator and experiences a number of climate changes. It is the only 

continent to stretch from the northern temperate to southern temperate regions.

North America

North America is the third largest continent. It occupies 16.5% of the planet’s land area. 

In 2008, its population was estimated at nearly 529 million people. It is the fourth most 

populous continent after Asia, Africa and Europe. It is bordered to the north by the Arctic 

Ocean, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the west and south by the Pacific Ocean, 

and to the southeast by South America and the Caribbean Sea.

South America

South America is the fourth largest continent in terms of area. It is also the fifth most 

populous continent after Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. South America is 

bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and to the north and east by the Atlantic

Ocean. South America includes 12 independent countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, 

Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela and 

French Guiana. South America is home to the world’s highest waterfall, the largest river 

by volume, the longest mountain range, the world’s largest rainforest, the driest place on 

earth and many other geographical wonders.


Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in area. About 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice 

that averages about 1.6 kilometers in thickness. It is the coldest, driest and windiest 

continent. Antarctica is considered a desert, with only 8 inches of rainfall in a year. 

There are no permanent residents on this island, but only a few thousands of people, 

who live here at the research stations found across the continent. Temperatures in 

Antarctica can drop to as low as -89 degrees Celsius. Antarctica is home to a variety of 

penguin species who have adapted to these harsh conditions. This region is also vital 

for the survival of the ecosystem.


Europe by convention, is one of the world’s seven continents divided from Asia by the 

Ural mountains stretching right up to the Caspian Sea. It is the world’s second-smallest 

continent by surface area. It covers about 6.8% of the Earth’s surface area. It is bordered 

by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to 

the south, and the Black Sea to the south east. Europe is the third most populous 

continent after Asia and Africa, with a population of 733 million, about 11% of the world’s 



Australia is the smallest and lowest- lying human-inhabited continent on Earth. As 

Australia is mostly on a single landmass, it is also referred to as an “island” continent, 

surrounded by oceans. The continent of Australia also includes nearby islands Tasmania, 

New Guinea, the Aru Islands, and the Raja Ampat Islands, geologically








Greetings to you my highly esteemed parent, I appreciate your commitment to 

the development of ______________________________.

In lieu of this, I am specially inviting you to our (school name) GRADUATION to be a 

special guest and our ______(special position)________________. This PROGRAMME is coming up

on ______(date)_______________ in ______________________________ Hall by 

______(time)_______. It will be

inspiration filled. We will also appreciate your moral and financial support.

Your presence will be highly appreciated. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU

Yours Sincerely,




Dear ____________________


(School name) graduation ceremony is a yearly program for 

pupils graduating from Pre-School to Nursery, from Nursery to Primary and a 

Valedictory program for pupils graduating from year six.

This year, the ceremony will be held on ___________________________________

We wish to thank you immensely for your kind and continued support to our children 

over the years. We pray that God’s ceaseless blessings be on all your endeavours. We 

seize this privilege however, to humbly solicit for your inestimable financial and

material sponsorship of our forthcoming Graduation/Edu Delight Tutors PROGRAMME 

which will take place on the above stated date.

Your kind support, we are sure, will go a long way in making the program a huge 

success for our children’s glory.

We also call on you to also take full advantage of the occasion to showcase your brand.

Thank you for your anticipated support.

Yours Sincerely,






Dear Parents,


Our much awaited Graduation Ceremony slated for _______ is fast approaching. It

is tagged( ……..,…………………………)

Kindly keep abreast with the following information:


The graduating Kings and Queens are to be dressed as follows:

Kings: Black suit, white shirt (Lemon green bow tie) 

Queens: White ball gown and Lemon green 


Pre – graduation pictures for children holds on _______ They are to come with their graduation wears.

attire for their pictures to be taken in preparation for graduation.


Children with outstanding performances during the course of the session will be duly awarded, 

through the voting system put in place for that


We are interested in sponsors. Interested parents and organizations are welcome to sponsor 

activities before, during and after the occasion. Contact the undersigned.


Parents whose children are graduating can send congratulatory messages to the children through 

the school’s year book and also advertise their company’s products and services. Well-wishers are 

also welcome.

Interested parents and well- wishers should please contact the undersigned.


Inner front cover, Back cover, inner back covers are available for adverts and congratulatory messages

  1. Full page Adverts 10,000
  2. ½ page adverts 5,000
  3. ¼ Page advert 2,500
  4. Inner front adverts 15,000
  5. Inner Back page advert 15,000
  6. Back page Adverts 15,000


Children will have some presentations as part of the activities for the day and as such, parents are 

implored to please make such costumes available or will be made available in school on request.

Thank you.

P:S Graduating students pay __________________________

While non graduating students pay __________________

Payment Expires on ______________________________




On behalf of the Management, Staff and Students of (school name), we sincerely

appreciate the wonderful support given to the School by your family towards the just 

concluded 20—–/20— Graduation/High Flyers ceremony.

We received this gift with a grateful heart.

Thank you very much for this kind gesture. May God Almighty continue to enrich your 

pocket and bless your family. Amen

Yours sincerely.




I want to show you a partnership that will make you more money and get more people to 

know you and buy from you…

Dear Business owner,

I am excited to write this letter

You know why…

I have been walking and driving past your business for the past 4 months a decision I just have e 

a positive feeling when am around your business..

I have been thinking of ways we can partner and I see that you will really like this, I want you to 

be one of our sponsors for our upcoming end of session party..

Don’t let the word sponsorship put you back..

This is what I mean.

  1. I will make a space available for you at our party to display and sell some of your products
  2. I will personally appreciate you as one of our sponsors
  3. I will advertise your business to our parents at the party and also in our yearly 

programme brochure

  1. I will recommend your business to them even describing your address..

I know you are asking why I will be willing to be this generous….

  1. I really like your kind of business and I want us to have a long term partnership
  2. I would love you to also recommend us to your customers who are not our parents
  3. And also I would love you to sponsor our party so we can advertise your brand in our year 

book and give you a display booth

We would like you to pick any of these sponsorship packages below

  1. Full page Adverts 10,000


  1. ½ page adverts 5,000
  2. ¼ Page advert 2,500
  3. Inner front adverts 15,000

  4. Inner Back page advert 15,000
  5. Back page Adverts 15,000

Advertising in our programme at any rate will give you access to display your product at our end 

of session party

Let me know if you like this idea so we can quickly fix you in as we have limited number of

businesses we are partnering with. Not more than five….

Thank you so much for all you do..

Looking forward to your response and possibly a fruitful partnership…