Third Term Primary 1 Security Education Examination

Primary 1 Third Term Lesson Notes

Table of Contents

Security Education

Week 11


Third Term Primary 1 Security Education Examination

Part A


  1. Wearing a seatbelt and using a car seat if you’re a child can also reduce the risk of ___________. a) Fun b) Accidents c) Parties
  2. Never drink and ___________ or use drugs before driving. a) Read b) Sleep c) Drive
  3. It is important to keep a safe ___________ from other vehicles to avoid collisions. a) Distance b) Speed c) Shape
  4. ___________ and cyclists should always use crosswalks or bike lanes to stay safe. a) Drivers b) Pedestrians c) Animals
  5. Staying alert and focused while driving, avoiding distractions like phones or ___________ can prevent accidents. a) TV b) Food c) Books
  6. ___________ vehicle maintenance can help prevent accidents. a) Irregular b) Regular c) Rare
  7. Avoiding ___________ while driving can also prevent accidents. a) Singing b) Distractions c) Dancing
  8. What should you do when you hear a siren from an emergency vehicle? Pull over to the ___________ and stop. a) Left side of the road b) Right side of the road c) Middle of the road
  9. Why is it important to follow safe driving practices? To reduce the risk of accidents and ___________. a) Win a prize b) Stay safe c) Break traffic rules
  10. What should pedestrians and cyclists use to stay safe? Crosswalks or ___________. a) Bus lanes b) Train tracks c) Bike lanes
  11. A road accident is when two or more vehicles ___________ on the road. a) Fly b) Collide c) Sing
  12. ___________ driving is one of the main causes of road accidents. a) Careful b) Reckless c) Fast
  13. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can also cause road ___________. a) Joy b) Accidents c) Games
  14. ___________ road conditions can cause accidents, such as potholes, debris, or oil spills. a) Clean b) Poor c) Average
  15. Pedestrians or animals crossing the road unexpectedly can also cause ___________. a) Accidents b) Celebrations c) Laughter
  16. Regular vehicle maintenance can help prevent accidents, such as checking brakes, tires, and ___________. a) Mirrors b) Horns c) Headlights
  17. Staying alert and focused while driving, avoiding distractions like phones or ___________ can prevent accidents. a) Food b) Toys c) Balloons
  18. Being aware of weather and road conditions, such as slippery or wet roads, can help prevent ___________. a) Accidents b) Sports c) Movies
  19. Educating and encouraging others to follow safe driving practices is important in reducing ___________ accidents. a) Air b) Road c) Water
  20. Following traffic rules and signs is one way to reduce ___________ accidents. a) Airplane b) Road c) Water
  21. Drug abuse is when someone uses a drug in the ______ way. a) right b) wrong c) funny
  22. Taking too ______ of a drug is an example of drug abuse. a) little b) much c) late
  23. Using a drug when you ______ need it is also drug abuse. a) do b) don’t c) might
  24. Drugs can be _______, alcohol, or illegal substances. a) food b) water c) medicine
  25. Drug abuse can ______ people and make them sick. a) help b) hurt c) entertain
  26. To stay safe, always follow your doctor’s _______. a) jokes b) advice c) hobbies
  27. Taking more than the ______ dose of a drug is a way to abuse it. a) prescribed b) tasty c) colorful
  28. Using drugs without a ______ can be considered drug abuse. a) prescription b) snack c) toy
  29. Consuming drugs for ______ rather than medical reasons is a form of drug abuse. a) fun b) decoration c) writing
  30. Mixing drugs with ______ can be dangerous and a form of drug abuse. a) water b) paint c) alcohol
  31. Taking ______ substances is a way that drugs can be abused. a) illegal b) sweet c) soft
  32. Snorting, injecting, or inhaling prescription medications is an example of ______ drug administration. a) appropriate b) delicious c) inappropriate
  33. Sharing or ______ prescription drugs with others is a form of drug abuse. a) selling b) drawing c) singing
  34. Using drugs that are past their ______ date can be considered drug abuse. a) expiration b) birthday c) holiday
  35. Consuming drugs to experience a “high” is using them for ______ reasons. a) medical b) non-medical c) study
  36. It is essential to follow your doctor’s advice to avoid drug ______. a) abuse b) snacks c) games
  37. Fake drugs may not contain the right amount of __________ needed to treat a particular condition. a) harmful substances b) active ingredients c) sugar
  38. Fake drugs can cause new __________ problems or side effects. a) financial b) health c) social
  39. Taking fake drugs can contribute to the development of __________ resistance. a) food b) drug c) water
  40. Fake drugs can __________ the condition being treated. a) improve b) worsen c) have no effect on


Part B


  1. What is road accident?
  2. Who is a pedestrian?
  3. Mention two things that road accident can cause
  4. Mention two causes of Road Accident
  5. Mention two ways of reducing road accidents
  6. What are fake drugs
  7. Mention two signs to look for when we want to identify fake drug
  8. Explain what happens topic our body when we eat Contaminated foods
  9. Mention two examples of carbohydrates
  10. Mention two examples of proteins
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