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(1) Drug trafficking is an offence(a) only in Nigeria (b) only in West Africa (c) all over the world (d) only in Asia.

(2) A drug trafficker is a person who(a) sells fake drugs (b) sells normal drugs without license (c) sells drugs not approved by NAFDAC (d) transports and sells hard drugs within or outside a country.

(3) The government agency that fights against drug trafficking is (a) NDLEA (b) NAFDAC (c) EFCC (d) custom.

(4) All but one are effects of drug abuse (a) loss of job (b) high level of intelligence (c) mental disorder (d) untimely death.

(5) One of the objectives of social studies include (a) teaches us to be violent (b) teaches us you be patriotic citizens (c) helps us to make money (d) trains us to be godly.

(6) We study social studies in school to (a) get acquainted with the happenings around us (b) be rich (c) educated (d) grow.

(7) Children are expected to cultivate the right type of ———— in the society.(a) food (b) belief (c) value (d) culture.

(8) The act of forcing one against his/her wish to have sexual relation with them is known as (a) sexual molestation (b) rape (c) fornication (d) sexual harassment.

(9) All but one are types of sexual abuse.(a) incest (b) rape (c) sexual harassment (d) adultery.

(10) Drug trafficking can be prevented through all but one

(a) education (b) poverty alleviation (c) provision of more jobs (d) untimely death.

(11) All but one are reasons for drug trafficking (a) unemployment (b) bad company(c) greed(d) fear.

(12) All these are types of marriage except (a) polygamy (b) traditional (c) religious(d) ordinance.

(13) Constructive group behavior is the same as (a) negative group behaviour (b) positive group behavior (c) destructive group behaviour (d) normal group behavior.

(14) A situation where a group of people peacefully show their grievances for neglect or denial of right is called (a) communal protest (b) mob action (c) communal demonstration (d) peaceful demonstration.

(15) All but one are negative behaviors (a) cultism (b) gangsterism (c) peaceful protest (d) mob action.

(16) Giving jungle Justice is a form of ——— behavior(a) cultism (b) gangsterism (c) positive behavior (d) mass action.

(17) A major characteristics of group behaviour is (a) cooperation among members (b)non existence of rules (c) infrequent interaction among members (d) lack of cooperation.

(18) Hard drugs include all except(a) heroin (b) cocaine (c) analgesic tablets (d) marijuana.

(19) Drug abuse will include all these except (a) taking an overdose of a normal drug (b)taking an unprescribed drug (c) smoking Indian helm once (d) refusing to take drugs prescribed by a medical doctor.

(20) One of these may be a major consequence of drug trafficking in Nigeria. Which one (a) more revenue for government (b) increase in Nigeria exports (c) increase in crime rates (d) great honour for the nation.

(21) The act of diverting public funds to private use is called(a) fund diversion (b) extortion (c) fund embezzlement (d) fund squandering.

(22) One of the effects of sexual abuse include (a) wisdom (b) fear (c) confidence (d) trust.

(23) One who is abused should(a) complain to a friend (b) keep it to him/herself(c) visit a doctor for medical examination (d) kill him/herself.

(24) The act of forcing someone to pay for a service that should be for free is an example of (a) antogenic corruption (b) exploitative  corruption (c) nepostic corruption  (d) defensive corruption .

(25) To avoid sexual abuse, one should (a) visit a herbalist (b) hide in the bush (c) avoid walking alone in the dark (d) pray and fast.

(26) ————- refers to a sexual relation between two close relatives (a) incest (b) rape (c) sexual harassment (d) adultery.

(27) ————- is an act of killing oneself (a) murder (b) suicide (c) hanging (d) execution

(28) A form of group behaviour which involves spontaneous reaction to an incident is called(a) mass reaction (b) mass action (c) group reaction (d) group action.

(29) A group of people coming together to watch a life event is called(a) protesters (b)mob (c) spectators(d) congregation.

(30) A situation where a group of people jointly carryout a task beneficial to the entire society is called (a) communal task (b) mass labour (c) communal labour (d) mass task.






THEORY:Instruction: Answer only three questions from this session!


(1a) Differentiate between substance abuse and drug abuse.

(b) Define drug trafficking and state one reason why people traffic drugs.

(2a) Define corruption.

(b) List and explain two types of corruption and explain one..

(c) State three causes of corruption and explain one

(3a) what is the  general objective of social studies all about and list three general objectives of social studies.

(b) Define group behavior.

(c) List and explain two forms of group behaviour and distinguish between them which type they belong

(4a) Mention five benefits of group behavior.

(b) Define drug abuse and explain two consequence on the society

(5a) State and explain three causes of drug abuse.

(b) List five effects of drug abuse on individuals and explain one.

(c) State one role each of the EFCC and ICPC.