Basic Technology 1st Term Examinations Jss 1











Each question is followed by five options lettered A to D find out the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have



Give only one answer to each question. Do all rough work on the question paper


1. Which of the following is regarded as product of high level technology?

A. Bellow.

B. Cutlass.

C. Air conditioner.

D. Wheelbarrow.

2. Which of the following is correct about technological literacy?

A.It is limited to boys only.

B. It is limited to girls only.

C. It is limited to both boys and girls.

D. It is not limited to boys and girls.

3. The following products are high level technology products except.

A. Television.

B. Radio.

C. Camera.

D. Cutlass.

4. In which of the following areas has man

enjoyed the e impact of technology? Transport.

A. Transportation

B. Communication.

C. Agriculture..

D. All of the above


5. Which of the following statements is not correct?

A. Technology is a result of science

and engineering.

B. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge, skills and tools to do things that will make life better.

C. High level technology products do not need scientific ideas but more resources are combines to produce

D. Technology is progressive


6. The practical application of knowledge, in

a particular area to make products that can be useful to mankind is

A. Music,

B. Arts

C. Religion.

D. Technology

7. Which of the following professions is NOT related to technology?

A Mechanical engineering.

B. Electrical engineering.

C. Lawyer.

D. Quantity survey.

8. The following are career prospects

technology except.

A. Automobile making.

B. Piloting.

C. Excavation.

D. Aeronautical engineering

9. Which of the following are examples high level technology products?

A. Cutlass, ships, bellow.

B. Cell phones, camera, aircrafts .

C. Television, hoe, radio.

D. Cars, cutlass, biro.


10. Which of the following defines the word


A. The path through which bicycles


B. A person that runs on the road with

heavy vehicle.

C. A person that runs or walks on the road on foot.


D. A person that runs on the road with motorcycle.


11. Cycling is defined as

A. Technique of ending or racing on a


B. Process of maintaining a bicycle.

C. Act of repairing of motorcycle.

D. The use of reflective jacket while

on a bicycle.


12. The road sign below is known as

A. Pelican crossing

B. Toucan

C. Zebra crossing

D. Bike route


13. Which of the following is odd.

A. Hand gloves.

B. Plier

C. Boots.

D. Fire extinguisher.


14. . Which of the following is not correct about accidents?

A. Accidents are often due to disobedience to rules and regulations  in the workshop.

B. Accidents are due to carefulness of


C. Accidents are due to lack of


D. Accidents are unprevented occurrences in the workshop.


15. Which of the following is odd?

A. Helmet.

B. Sand bucket.

C. Fire blanket.

D. Pen.

16. The following are workshop accidents except


A. Electro shock.

B. Drowning.

C. Burns.

D. chemical splash


17. A place where goods are repaired and stored is called

A. Workshop

B. Silos.

C. Shop.

D. Office


18. Overall is usually worn in the workshop to ensure.

A. Accidents.

B. Tiredness.

C.  Safety.

D. Wetness.


19. ___ processes are method of doing

things by hand and common to the under developed country


A. Artificial.

B. Physical.

C. Manual.

D. Potential.


20. There are two forms of technology which are ___ and ___


A. Artificial and physical

B. Mechanical and mechanisms

C. Physical and manual

D. Developed and under developed



20. The use of  donkey and horse to travel from new place the other is known as

A. Under developed

B. Technology

C Artificial

D. Developed


21. ____is the use of modern and acceptable approach to doing and making Things

A. Technology

B. Metal work

C. Solar

D. Artificial


22. Which of the following is NOT a benefit

of modern technology?


A. Solar

B. Telephone.

C. internet.

D. Aircraft.


30, Which of these is NOT a technological development in the area of security.

A. Bombs.

B. Armories car.

C. Bullets.

D. Stick


31. Natural resources such as oil, forest are however provided by

A. Mankind.

B. Human.

C. Factory.

D.. Nature


32.____zare the methods of doing and

Making things by using machines

A. Manual processes.

B. Artificial processes.

C. Mechanized processes.

D. Physical processes.


33. Which of these is NOT a technological development in transport industry.


A. Aircraft.

B. Train.

C. Cart

D. Motor vehicle.


34. A country that is developed make use of the following in education EXCEPT.


A. Marker board.

B. Magnetic board.

C. Projector


35. The following are workshop accident


A. Stepping on a sharp metallic objects.

B. Having a cut injury.

C. Ear problem due to sharp sound.

D. Splashing of corrosive chemicals on the body


36. ____ is the fire that occurs from materials such as inflammable gases and inflammable liquids.

A. Electrical fire.

B. Solar fire.

C. Kinetic fire.

D Chemical fire


37. _____ are cylindrical metals painted red and containing chemical for putting out

small fire.


A. Burner.

B. Fire extinguisher.

C. Partial contact

D. Chemical fire.


38. _____ is a mere siren to alert the people if there is fire outbreak when the switch

bottom is pressed.

A. Ambulance.

B. Fire alarm.

C. Fire blankets.

D. Fire extinguisher.


39. ___ are iron bucket, painted red and loaded with sand for putting out small fire.


A. Sand buckets.

B. Chemical buckets.

C. Alarm bucket.

D. Blankets buckets.


40. _ _ _ are equipment used in order to

achieve safety.

A. Safety devices.

B. Fire extinguisher.

C. Fire alarm.

D. Fire blankets.


41. The following are the products of technology found at home EXCEPT.


A. Radio.

B. Television.

C. CD player.

D. Marker board.


42. The following are the methods of education in the dark ages EXCEPT.


A. Use of chalkboard.

B. Use of projector.

C. Use of slates

D. Use of chalk



43. The following are the modern methods of security EXCEPT.

A. Armoured car

B.Bow and arrow.

C. Use of Bombs.

D. Use of Guns.


44. Which of the following is used to protect the head in the workshop?

A. Gloves

B. Boots

C. Shield

D. Helmet.


45. All of these can cause fire outbreak


A Chemicals

B. Electric spark.

C. Naked flames.

D. Fire Extinguisher.


46. An unexpected event which can cause

harm or injury in the workshop is called

A. Safety.

B. Workshop accident.


D. road accident.


47. In the workshop accidents are caused one of the following.

A.Good rules.

B.Good working habits,

C. Carelessness.

D. Good observations.


48. All the following are the safety guidelines for pedestrians EXCEPT.

A. Using the pedestrian


B. Using the walkways.

C. Using the overhead


D. Listening

to music while crossing the road.


49. All the following will result in an accident except

A.Driving against traffic

B. Using a faulty brake.

C. Using faulty tyres.

D. Well-serviced car.

50. Brightly coloured clothes are at night for



C. Fancy








1a. State five areas of technology that are important to human living.

1b. Briefly explain two of these areas.


List two safety guidelines for


2a. Pedestrian.


2b. Motorist


2C. Cyclist



3a..What do you understand by the word ‘Accident’

3b. List four workshop safety rules and regulations.


4a. Mention five occupations in technology.


4b. List two examples of products of technology that can be found at home, school and industry


5a. State two differences of technology between under-developed and developed countries as shown below.





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