1. She ____________not know his work

a. does b. do c. don’t d. is

2. Dele has ___________ to see his boss

a. went b. wanted d. go d. gone

3. The orange which I plucked have been _______________

a. stolen b. steal c. stole d. steals

4. My _________ is that God is merciful

a. believe b. beleave c. belief d. belivef

5. Go and ____________the headmaster

a. saw b. sees c. see d. seen

6. If I _______________known I would have forgiven her

a. has b. had c. have d. as

7. Bayo is my __________brother

a. elder b. smaller c. written d. junior

8. The novel was ___________by Adesola

a. wrote b. write c. written d. writing

9. Informal letter has ___________address(es)

a. 2 b. 3 c. 1 d. no

10. You are not a good person.

a. Isn’t it? b. are you? c. don’t you? D. do you?


1. Form five sentences using the relative pronoun “who” and “which”

e.g. I saw the boy who killed the goat.

2. Make a sentence with each of the following –

(i) Beaten (ii) Bought (iii) Torn (iv) Broken

(v) Swept

3. (a) What are phrasal verbs? (b) List ten phrasal verbs you know

4. As simple as _______________________

As white as ________________________

As honest as a _____________________

As green as _______________________

As heavy as an _____________________

[elephant, grass, mirror, ABC, and snow]


Nigeria is a country in Africa with 36 States. Nigeria Federal Capital Abuja. The current President is MuhammoduBuhari and Vice President is Prof. YemiOsinbajo.

There are three major ethnic groups which are Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa. Thee are other ethnic groups.

Nigeria gained her independence in 1960 and became a republic in 1963. Nigeria is blessed by God with mineral resources such as crude oil, gold, tin, bitumen, limestone, coal etc. Nigeria Flag has two colours; green and white which stands for agriculture and peace respectively.

Attempt these questions.

1. What is the passage all about?

2. Who is the current President of Nigeria

3. Which year did Nigeria become a Republic?

4. Mention two mineral resources found in Nigeria

5. The green colour in Nigeria flag sands for ______________________

6. How many states are there in Nigeria?

7. On which continents is Nigeria found?

8. How many letters are there in “Nigeria”?

9. Is Nigeria blessed with mineral resources?

10. Do you love your country?