________ is one of the natural causes of erosion

(A) Sun (B) Rain (C) Star

2. Pollution is the release of _______into the environment

(a) Water (b) Harmful substances (c) Currency

3. Where should we dump refuse?

(a) On the ground (b)In a waste bin (c) Inside the gutter

4. We can keep a healthy through regular ____________of our environment

(a) Burning (b) Cleaning (c) Damaging

5. ___________can be used to beautify the school surrounding

(a) Flowers (b) Broken bottles (C) Stones particles

6. ………. Is the contamination of the environment [a] renewal [b] sanitation [c] pollution

7. …………. Erosion lowers the level of soil by wearing it away [a] true [b] false [c]all of the above

8. We should leave in a ………. Environment [a] dirty [b] polluted [c] neat

9 All these can cause erosion except … [a] running water [b] wind [c] insect

10. Waste in solid form is known as .. [a] refuse [b]gas [c] dirty

11. The freezing point of water is_________

a. 1000 b. 0oC c. 400 d. 180C

12. __________is an example of safety device

a. pot hole b. Road block c. traffic d. house

13. Which of these does not need maintenance?

a. diseases b. car c. clothes d. house

14. One of these is not a drawing material

a. pencil b. eraser c. ruler d. hammer

15. The primary source of energy is ________________

a. the sun b. the moon c. stars d. sky

16. __________is the ability to do work

a. motion b. energy c. strength d. power

17. The instrument used for measuring temperature is _______

a. rainguage b. thermostat c. thermometer d. drug

18. The symbol for the Celsius is _____________

a. cl b. c c. s d. cel

19. The path along which electricity travels is known as ………..

a. Circuit b. Current c. fuse d. Avenue

20. ___________is a synthetic cleansing agent used with water

a. alcohol b. starch c. oil d. detergent


1. What is erosion

2. Mention three major causes of erosion

  1. Explain four (4) things we can do to keep our environment healthy.
  2. Mention two types of waste.