Agricultural Science JSS 1 First Term Examination

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1st Term Examination



Section A

Attempt all questions

  1. In classification of crops based on their uses which of these crops is a tuber crop? (a)cowpea (b)rice (c)millet (d)cassava
  2. Classification based on their uses which of these crops is grass legume? (a)yam (b)cowpea (c)maize (d)potato
  3. Classification based on life span which of these crops is annual crop? (a)yam (b)cocoa (c)citrus (d)oil palm
  4. One of these is not a vegetable crop (a)pepper (b)tomato (c)pumpkin (d)mango
  5. The reproductive part of a plant is ____________ (a)stem (b)flower (c)root (d)leaf
  6. Which of these animals produces eggs in a high rate for consumption? (a)Turkey (b)Pigeon (c)Chicken (d)Goose
  7. Which of these animals is known as diary animals (a)Pigs (b)Cows (c)Goats (d)all of the above
  8. Which part of the plant that takes in water into the plant during photosynthesis? (a)branching (b)roof (c)stem (d)leaves
  9. Which of these is not a form of Agriculture? (a)apiculture (b)horticulture (c)heliculture (d)all of the above
  10. Which of these is not an importance of Agriculture to man? (a)food (b)shelter (c)clothing (d)all of the above
  11. Which of these is a factor that affects animals (farm animals especially (a)climate (b)pasture (c)sunlight (d)all of the above
  12. Which of these is an importance of farm animals? (a)supply of meat (b)supply of eggs (c)supply of leather materials (d)all of the above
  13. Which of these is a fishing farm tool? (a)hook (b)net (c)basket (d)all of the above
  14. The plant that grows in an unwanted place is known as ___________ (a)stubborn grass (b)weed (c)bush (d)forest
  15. A place where fishes are reared is called ____________ (a)fish pond (b)lake (c)river (d)all of the above
  16. Which of these is a pest of crops? (a)weevils (b)cockroach (c)rat (d)butterfly
  17. One of these is a type of soil (a)loamy (b)sandy (c)clay (d)all of the above
  18. Which of these is a part of the plant that stores food during photosynthesis? (a)the root (b)the stem (c)the flower (d)the leaves
  19. In classification and uses of farm animals which of these is a work animal? (a)Cat (b)Chicken (c)Donkey (d)Parrot
  20. Which of these is not a poultry animal? (a)Chicken (b)Goose (c)Turkey (d)Goat
  21.  ________________ is the art and science of production of plants and animals? (a) farming (b)agriculture (c) hunting (d)farm settlement
  22.  The era of hunting and gathering of fruits is known as ___________ (a)old stone age (b) new stone age (c)early stone age (d)revolution age
  23. Agriculture produce the following except __________ (a)food (b) agricultural engineering tools (c)income to farmers (d)industrial raw materials
  24. Growing only one types of crop on a piece of land is called ______ (a) mixed cropping (b) mono cropping (c) herding (d) general cropping
  25. Mr Peter produces plants and animal for himself and his family alone, he is a ______________ (a) commercial farmer (b) subsistence farmer (c) plantation farmer (d)communal farmer
  26.  _______________ is the process of raising land snails for human use? (a) horticulture (b) heliculture (c) apiculture (d) silviculture
  27.  ______________ crops complete their life cycle within one year . (a)annual (b) biannual (c)perennial (d) none of the above
  28. Agriculture is derived from two Latin words__________ and __________ (a) ager and cultural (b)bios and logos (c) fish and cultivation (d) land and water
  29. Mixed cropping is also known as _____________ cropping (a) multinational (b)annual (c) multiple (d) pastoral
  30. The process of catching, rearing and selling of fishes is called _____________ (a) livestock farming (b) apiculture (c) heliculture (d) fish farming
  31. _______________ produces honey (a) beetles (b) butterflies (c) snake (d) bees
  32. ____________ is a cereal (a) yam (b) cassava (c) corn (d) potato
  33. The study of trees and some wild animal is called ______________ (a)mining(b) forestry (c)soil science(d) fishery
  34. The part of plants that grows above the soil is ______________ system. (a) root (b) shoot (c) upper (d) down
  35. The part of the plant that grows within the soil is called___________ system (a) root (b) shoot (c) upper (d) down
  36. __________ is the source of fibre and cotton (a) engineering (b) agriculture (c) catering (d) mining.
  37. Example of animals that can be used for working on the farm is ___________ (a) camel (b) pig (c) rat (d) rabbit
  38. The study of the soil in which crops is planted is called _______ (a) soil science (b) crop science (c) animal science (d) fishery
  39. Crops that complete their life cycle in more than two years or seasons are called __________ crops (a) perennial (b)annual (c) biennial (d) biannual
  40. Which of the following is not a cereal? (a) millet (b) rice (c)wheat (d) cassava
  41. The following are vegetables except ___________ (a) tomato (b) cabbage (c) pumpkin (d) cocoa
  42. _________ is an agricultural product that is used as raw materials for making clothes (a) timber (b) cotton (c) ginger (d) banana
  43. The study of everything about animals health is called ____________ (a) animal science (b)veterinary science (c) crop science (d) horticulture
  44. __________ is the study of agricultural business practices (a) agricultural economics (b) agricultural engineering (c) agricultural extension (d) all of the above
  45. Fruits and vegetables are good source of vitamins and _________ (a)minerals (b) carbohydrates (c) fats (d) oils
  46. Crops whose seeds or fruits can produce oil when pressed are called ___________ crops (a) fibre (b) oil (c) mineral (d) vitamin
  47. Crops that are grown to beautify our surroundings are called __________ crops (a)forage (b) ornamental (c) medicinal (d) latex
  48. ______ involves the keeping of grazing animals in a fenced area of land (a) ranching (b) herding (c) wandering (d) mixed farming
  49. The management of farm and animal is called __________ (a) fishing (b) farming(c) forestry (d)crop science
  50. Another name for mono cropping is __________ cropping (a) multiple (b) sole (c) mixed (d) simple




Instruction: Answer all questions


  1. (a). List out five crops that are known as leguminous crops           (b). Mention ten farm animals you know
  2. (a). State three different crops that are known to be tuber crops   (b). State three special uses of cow as a farm animal
  3. (a). Give two reasons why chickens are import
  4. Which poultry bird is commonly used at home?
  5. (a). List three higher animals you know in animal husbandry
  6. State three lower animals that are also reared in agriculture and their product
  7. Give two reasons why weeds are not to be allowed in a farm
  8.  Mention three kinds of crop pest you know
  9. What is agriculture?
  10. Briefly explain any three importance of agriculture to the farmer and the society.
  11. State two importance of agriculture to the nation
  12. Write the agricultural raw materials that are used in the following agro-based industries
    • Furniture
    • Soap
    • Textile
    • Sugar
    • Cigarette
    • Starch
  13. What is a crop plant?
  14.  Mention any two parts of a plant that grows above the ground
  15. Mention and briefly explain any three branches of agriculture
  16. What is subsistence farming?
  17. Mention any three characteristics of subsistence farming
  18. Define the term mono-cropping
  19. Differentiate between mixed cropping and mixed farming.
  20. mention two characteristic of commercial agriculture.
  21. mention four machinery that are used in commercial agricultural activities.
  22. what is a seed?
  23. mention any two function of seeds
  24. Mention any three tools that are used in subsistence agriculture
  25. Mention any four forms of agriculture