Importance of Water to the Body


 TERM : First Term Lesson Note And Scheme of Work

CLASS : Kindergarten One KG 1 

SUBJECT : Health Habits 




Importance of water to the body


Previous lesson : Learners have been taught



Water Is Your Best Friend


in their previous lesson

BEHAVIOURAL OBJECTIVES : At the end of the lesson , pupils will be able to 
  • say sources of water
  • say the uses of water
  • say why we must drink more water





Source of water

Water comes from the clouds as rain and it forms rivers, seas, oceans etc. Water is all around us and we use it to do several things.


They should know that water does not have taste, it does not have any odour, it does not have colour. This knowledge will help them to detect bad water.

  • PROMPTING QUESTION: What is water?


  • RESPONSE: Water is a liquid

That is colourless Odourless and tasteless. Water is good for my body

Water is my best friend.



Children naturally like to drink lots of juice. Juice contains water anyway, but water is the healthiest drink for everybody. Let the kids know that there is nothing like drinking too much water. Infact, they should drink water all the time. But there should not drink too much juice because of its health hazards.

This lesson will awaken the kids on the need to drink plenty water and less juice. The more they say these words, they more they practice it.

  • PROMPTING QUESTION: What should you drink all the time?


  • RESPONSE: I should drink plenty water all the Water is good for my body.

Juice is not good for my body. Water is my best friend.



  • PROMPTING QUESTION: Why is water your best friend?
  • RESPONSE: Water is my best friend because If I drink plenty water

I will not be sick,

I will grow very well I will be very strong I will be very fresh

I will not die.

Water is my best friend





Getting the kids to cultivate the habit of always drinking water will be good. We want the kids to know that water should not be taken onky when they are eating; rather, water should be taken every time, even if they are not thirsty.

  • PROMPTING QUESTION: What is the Right time to drink water


  • RESPONSE: Right Time to Drink water

Drink a cup of water early in the morning Drink plenty water when I’m eating Drink plenty water when I’m thirsty Drink plenty water after playing

Drink plenty water every time

EVERY TIME, is the right time to DRINK WATER




The topic is presented step by step

Step 1 : The class teacher revises the previous topic

Step 2 : The class teacher introduces the new topic

Step 3 : The class teacher allows the learner to give their own contributions and he or she corrects them when the needs arise



  • What is water.?
  • Do plants need water?
  • Do animals drink water?
  • Does water quench our thirst?
  • Should we drink a lot of orange juice?
  • Should we drink a lot of water?
  • Does water make us strong?
  • Do we have water in our body?

Class Activities 

Class Teacher Question : 

Why is water our friend?

Pupils’ response :

Water is our friend because

  • It is liquid
  • It regulates our temperature
  • It makes our food to digest easily
  • It quenches our thirst.