Good Toilet Habits


 TERM : First Term Lesson Note And Scheme of Work

CLASS : Kindergarten One KG 1 

SUBJECT :Health Habits 




Toilet Habits 


Previous lesson : Learners have been taught


in their previous lesson

BEHAVIOURAL OBJECTIVES : At the end of the lesson , pupils will be able to 
  • say the meaning of toilet
  • say what the toilet is used for
  • say how to maintain  very good toilet habits





A toilet is a one of the important rooms in our house. Other rooms in our house are the kitchen, the parlour, the bedroom, the store and the toilet.


A Toilet is where we get rid of bodily wastes like urine and faeces. A room that has a toilet is called a restroom, toilet, water closet etc.

The toilet is a very important room because it is a place where we easy ourselves. When the feeling or the urge to wee-wee or puu-poo comes, we go to the toilet to easy ourselves.

Learning to use toilet is a core developmental skill that every child must adapt at young age. The knowledge of correct toilet habits will help to prevent bladder dysfunctional diseases in children

Good Toilet Habits 

  1. Always wash your hands after using the toilet
  2. Always call adults to clean you up when you are through in toilet
  3. Always sit properly on the pottee when you want to puu-puu or wee-wee
  4. Do not wee-wee on the floor
  5. Make sure that you wash your bom-bom and your bom-bom is clean before you put on your pants
  6. Always flush the toilet after use


The teacher should explain to the kids that after using the toilet , they must clean up their bottom properly with toilet paper. The proper way to wipe is front to back. The essence of wiping ‘front to back’ is to prevent urinary infection which is common among preschool aged children.

They should flush the toilet after using it to keep it clean

You should emphasize the need for the kids to wash their hands very well with soap and water after using the toilet to avoid the spread of germs.



The topic is presented step by step

Step 1 : The class teacher revises the previous topic

Step 2 : The class teacher introduces the new topic

Step 3 : The class teacher allows the learner to give their own contributions and he or she corrects them when the needs arise



  • What is a toilet
  • What is a toilet use for
  • What is tissue use for in the toilet
  • Who should clean us up when we use the toilet
  • Should we wash our hands after using the toilet
  • Should we wear our pants when we have not wash our bom-bom
  • Should we eat our food in the toilet


Class Activities 

Class Teacher Question : 

Mention four things that we can do in the toilet

Pupils’ response :

  1. We can puu-puu in the toilet
  2. We can wee-wee in the toilet
  3. We can wash our hands in the toilet
  4. We can clean up in the toilet
  5. Adult can help us to clean up in the toilet