Part A: Objectives
Read the following questions and pick the best answer from the given alternative
1.) One of the problems of public opinion is that it may be ______
(a) true (b) popular (c) manipulated (d) supported by masses
2.) ____________ is a generally held belief about government policies and functions
(a) public opinion (b) popular (c) paramount decision (d) election right
3.) A ___________ is the person that influences and directs others
(a) follower (b) leader (c) trader (d) carpenter
4.) __________ was the first president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (a) Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe (b) Chief Obafemi Awolowo (c) Sir. Amadu Bello (d) Chief Olusgeun Obasanjo

5.) The oldest university in Nigeria is University of ____ (a) Abuja (b) Ibadan (c) Lagos (d) Kano
6.) The main implement that is used in mechanized farming is_______
(a) tractor (b) hoe (c) rake (d) sickle
7.) The following is not an example of national symbol _____
(a) Coat of Arm (b) national flag (c) birth certificate (d) national anthem
8.) A brother to your father is your _______ (a) brother’s keeper (b) daddy (c) uncle (d) nephew
9.) What is the full meaning of OAU? Organisation of African ______
(a) United (b) Units (c) Union (d) Unity
10.) What is the slogan for Lagos State? Centre of ________
(a) Peace (b) Excellence (c) Gateway (d) Unity
11.) The National honours in Nigeria is in ___________ major categories
(a) two (b) three (c) four (d) five
12.) National _______________ are awards given to honour some members of the society
(a) grade (b) economy (c) honours (d) gifts
13.) The National honour that is automatically reserved for the president of Nigeria is ____
(a) CFR (b) MON (c) GCFR (d) OON
14.) The following are the reasons for giving out National honours except _____
(a) reward for hardwork (b) encouragement (d) promotion for excellence (d) smuggling
15.) _____________ are those things that are produced for our survival as human beings
(a) goods (b) theft (c) wants (d) king
16.) Unemployment may lead to _____
(a) Industrial development (b) armed robbery (c) better life (d) contentment
17.) By buying Nigerian made goods means that we are ______
(a) patriotic (b) poor (c) greedy (d) not serious

18.) ___________ is the willingness of a person to accept another person’s views or behavior even when we dislike the views (a) peace (b) war (c) tolerance (d) cooperation

19.) Every ___________ of the year is celebrated as democracy day in Nigeria
(a) June 12 (b) 27th May (c) May 1st (d) October 1st
20.) The Northern and Southern protectorates of Nigeria were amalgamated in ____
(a) 1960 (b) 1963 (c) 1914 (d) 1950
21.) The eagle on the Nigerian Coat of Arms stands for ________
(a) Unity (b) shield (c) wealth (d) strength
22.) The Coat of Arms is a national symbol of ____ (a) authority (b) weakness (c) labour (d) war
23.) The legal union between a man and a woman is known as ______
(a) courtship (b) friendship (c) marriage (d) relationship
24.) A government ___________ is a specific programme of action selected by government to guide its decisions on certain issues (a) policy (b) budget (c) spending (d) action

25.) A ____________ is a group of people with the aim of contesting and winning election
(a) mob (b) congregation (c) political party (d) watch dog
26.) A ________________ is a document that contains the objectives, aims and policies of a political party (a) manifesto (b) budget (c) platform (d) file

27.) The ruling political party in Lagos State is ______ (a) PDP (b) APC (c) CP (d) JP
28.) The ruling political party in Nigeria is _______ (a) PDP (b) APC (c) CP (d) JP
29.) ___________ is the governor of Lagos State
(a) Babatunde Fashola (b) Akinwunmi Ambode (c) Babajide Sanwoolu (d) Darasimi Idowu
30.) The only Nigeria currency bill without a portrait of a National hero is the _____
(a) ten (b) twenty (c) fifty (d) one hundred

Part B: Theory
1.) Write out four political parties in Nigeria with their various party logo or symbol logo
Political Party Symbol
(a) ___________________________ ____________________________________
(b) ___________________________ ____________________________________
(c) ___________________________ ____________________________________
(d) ___________________________ ____________________________________

2.) Write out in full any National honours in Nigeria
3.) Write out in full
(a) NDLEA ________________________________________________________________
(b) NAFDAC _______________________________________________________________
(c) UBE ___________________________________________________________________
(d) ICPC ___________________________________________________________________

4.) Explain any four features on the Nigerian Coat of Arms
5.) Mention four reasons why we need to value and buy Nigerian goods