Section A: Comprehension
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
There lived in a village a poor but worthy farmer who had to support himself, a wife and seven children on the returns of his small farm.

One day, when walking through the fields and thinking of how he could add to his small income, he found a purse of gold which had been dropped by some passers-by. He carried it home and showed it to his wife who advised him to use it or at least part of it in helping them out of their difficulty. The honest farmer reminded his wife that honesty was the best policy, and refused to use any of the money until he had done his best to find its owner. After a short time, he found that the purse belonged to a wealthy “Zemindar” who lived in the neighbourhood and gave it back to him, receiving no other reward than the thanks of the owner.

When the farmer’s wife heard of the way her husband had been treated, she reproached him for his excessive honesty. The many only kept on saying “honesty is the best policy”.

A few months afterwards, the poor but honest farmer received an invitation to dine with the Zemindar whose money he found. After entertaining him, the Zemindar gave him a reward of N200,000 and told him that because of his honesty he had been appointed as the overseer of his land on a good salary.

The farmer, full of joy, thanked his benefactor and returned to his wife and children to tell them how he had been so well rewarded. His wife was then convinced that after all, honesty was the best policy.




1.) The lesson derived from this story is that we should be _______________________________
2.) The farmer was rewarded with _________________________________ and appointed as _______________________________
3.) Which word can be used to replace overseer as used in the passage? _____________________
4.) How many children has the poor farmer? __________________________________________
5.) What did the farmer found as he was walking through the fields? _______________________



Section B: Grammar (Structure)
Complete each of the following sentences with the most appropriate options lettered A – D

6.) Ada is the captain of her team, ____________ she? (a) is (b) isn’t (c) wasn’t
7.) The prefix _________________ will combine with the word “agree” to form a new word
(a) dis- (b) in- (c) mis- (d) re-

8.) My son took a __________ of the burning house
(a) photograph (b) photograp (c) photograph (d) fotograph
9.) All the _________________ in my kitchen are blunt (a) knife (b) knifes (c) knives (d) knife’s
10.) Peter will always remember his _________ day
(a) graduation (b) grajucation (c) gradaution (d) graduasion
11.) Which of the following suffixes can combine with the word “season to form a new word”?
(a) –ment (b) -al (c) –less (d) –ness
12.) Grace ____________ some mangoes from the market yesterday
(a) bought (b) buy (c) buys (d) was buying
13.) She doesn’t plait her hair on Sundays, _________ she? (a) did (b) does (c) doesn’t (d) don’t
14.) My mother has been as busy as a ______________ (a) bee (b) lion (c) monkey (d) snail
15.) The farmer is walking home ________ the farm (a) at (b) from (c) on (d) by



16.) Aisha ________ the piano every week (a) play (b) plays (c) played (d) is playing
17.) The suffixes that can be added to “danger” to change it meaning is _______
(a) –ment (b) –ess (c) –ous (d) –dom
18.) Did your teacher ___________ to school yesterday? (a) comes (b) come (c) came (d) coming
19.) The prefix ________ will combine with “change” to form a new word.
(a) mis- (b) dis- (c) in- (d) ex-


Primary 1 First term English Grammar 16


Basic Three English Grammar Second Term


Active voice and Passive Voice. Third Term Basic 7/ JSS 1 Third Term English Grammar


Section C: Grammar (Lexis)
Choose from the options lettered A – D the one that is most nearly opposite A – D the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word or expression underlined (Nos. 20 – 22)

20.) Our school team lost to the visiting team (a) booed (b) won (c) invited (d) embraced
21.) The mad man was knocked down by a reckless driver
(a) careful (b) careless (c) strange (d) wicked
22.) The little boy spent all the money his parents left for him (a) lost (b) saved (c) used (d) hid

Choose from the options lettered A – D, the one that is nearest in meaning to the word underlined (Nos. 23 – 25)

23.) The head teacher told us to note the important points (a) best (b) cold (c) relevant (d) minor
24.) The pupils were given enough examples (a) complete (b) sufficient (c) few (d) suitable
25.) She constantly stayed back to help her grandmother
(a) always (b) hardly (c) occasionally (d) rarely

Section D: Essay (Letter Writing)
Write an application letter for the post of a teacher in your school (your write up should not be less than 150words)